“Red Rebecca” – “Vörös Rébék” – Musical Ballad – Budapest

The Arany János’s  “Vörös Rébék” … This musical  ballad was written as a joint composition by the pianist Peti-Nagy Kati and György Derzsi’s composer, singer and director. The title refers to a woman called Rebecca, who is likely to have red hair.

The play creates a true theater experience acting in-depth, which explores whether “does a single bad decision determine our whole life? OR … It is just up to us which face of ours the world see.”  The mysterious story is kept to the original work structure.

The musical play is out now celebrating  the 200 anniversary to the birth of János Arany .

The musical show  will be on November, 5. at 5 p.m. at the Papp László Budapest Sport Arena. The casts are by  Tímea Kecskés, Ádám Pásztor, Miklós Turek and Bucsi Annamária. The performance is directed by Katalin Pesty Nagy,  costumes designer Mónika Fekete, choreography by David Sándor.

The animation screenings and cutting works by Papp László Pala. At the show an interesting graphic works to be seen in the projection. The creators are from the resident of Tata Szent Gellért Autistic Residential Home with by the guidance of Katalin Palästina Viczena.

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