A Gate to Incredible India in Hungary

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The Ambassador H.E. Mr Rahul Chhabra – Embassy of India to Hungary organized and invited several Ambassadors and representatives from embassies to Hungary to join Somogyvámos where H.E and. Mrs Kavita Chhabra payed a far well visit at the Krishna Valley‘s residence as the Ambassador’s mandate end in Hungary by the end of October.

Krishna Valley is Europe’s largest organics farms, established in 1993. The International Society for Krishna Consciousness (ISKCON) known for the Hare Krishna movement … (ISKCON was founded in 1966 in New York City). The plantation has been observed as statue in the U.N. Climate Change Convention. The Krishna Valley is prime tourist destination in Central Europe.

Once upon a time the venue was an empty hedge, with some high-rise trees and the surrounding lands were previously inhabited. In the beginning there were 130 hectare of land offered. Krishna Valley its 25 years has developed a lot in recent times. To-day the venue lay on 700 hectare, mainly with parks, residents, social buildings,  and agricultural lands.

Arriving to the scene, at the entrance two huge Indian elephant statues welcome the visitors and the hosts invited to taste the milky sweet cakes made by the locals from milk. We entered the gate and taken on the venues on ox carts. Seen and visited some places … on the territory have 2 kindergarten, 2 elementary school … with boys and girls in separate classes … 2 pubs, 2 colleges … program with science, library, dairy-farm, restautant, church building, organic gardens and holy places. Visited the dairy farm carried by ox carts and also veggies and fruit plantation. Also went to the  Gurukul (school), where kindergarten and elementary schools children specially prepared program for us as they have their daily worship. Were invited to their local restaurant for an Ayurveda picnic lunch. According to India’s ancient nutrition requirements, the dishes had six kinds of taste (sour, bitter, sweet, salty, pungent, acrid).

Short  presentation was held to the visitors: where was told their purpose of educating, main philosophy in training their people Vedic culture and Values. At the Krishna Valley there are three individual activities: religion, tourism and organic farming, and in the past few years the number of guests visiting the base approximately  thirty thousand  has been increasing year-by-year. Krishna Valley actually is not an ordinary out-door folk exhibition village, the visitors may have a glimpse into the local residents daily life, children’s morning activities, and visit the temple and enjoy their local prepared meals. The architectural style has a print on in-and-outside richly decorated with Indian motifs, pillars, colorful dioramas and paintings. During their 25 years had 40 thousand planted trees by them. The locals are handling organic farming, cow protection and selling at their shop the locally prepared goods, jams, organic drinks, organics teas and soaps and many more handy items. Living inside the  village are 150 members and monks with Radha-Syamasundara in the center, and outside in the town area are other 200  believers reflect on religious faith.  Rolling along the organic botanic garden, having a view of the Indian style pavilions, the Yamuna pond (named after the Jamuna River which is the longest and the second largest tributary of the Ganges (Ganga) in northern India. Actually, the pond grew by the years from the rain in the valley area and the sight surely fulfilled the visitors with the beautiful sight of mother nature. Henna painter ladies invited those who wish to leave with henna prints to join after lunch at restaurant.

It was obvious to see that all those who came and attended the event enjoyed their stay as they were on the island of tranquility.

Last but not least anyone interested in the India traditional culture are more than welcome. Visitors arrive through the reception stand, view the attractions on an ox carts , the church,  they can have guided tours of the unique Indian-style sanctuary, unique in the world. The first turn starts at 11 a.m. and the last starts at 5 p.m.

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