“Sweet Sixteen” Live in Budapest

Budapest Park

Budapest – Hungary

Monday, July, 2. 2018.

6 p.m.

Probably no one has to particularly introduce Billy Idol one of the biggest ’80s punkrock icon.

Billy Idol is as cool as he used to be. The same cheeky Rock Rebel as back in the eighties.

After more than a decade Billy Idol is returning to Budapest with a headline show! The legendary singer’s latest album was released in 2014, but he will surely bring his gigantic hits like “White Wedding” or “Dancing With Myself”, not to mention “Sweet 16” at his Budapest concert.

Indeed, his concert is considered to be a sensation. The list of super hits by Billy Idol could be continued for a long time  …  And when the punk icon with the shock-haired hair rocks the stage with these songs, it’s hard to believe that Billy Idol celebrated his 60th birthday in 2015.

His career began in his native England, where Billy Idol met with like-minded men at Sex Pistols, The Clash and Generation X, whose vocalist he eventually became. In the early ’80s he moved to New York and then to Los Angeles, where he still lives today. The international breakthrough came Billy Idol with “Rebel Yell” (1984). The single “Sweet Sixteen” from the third album was his most successful hit single.

The excesses of that time have left Billy Idol behind, but in his music and especially live in his performances, he has remained uncompromising. Apart from the 2010 festival action in 2006 was the last time with independent concert.

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