Charity Concert for Visually Impaired – Tata – 2018.

Marcellina – the Hungarian        “Candy Dufler”

The “White Night”  Water, Music, Flower Festival –

Location: Grundfos Castle Stage –  June, 21. 2018. – Tata

Hundreds of lives of visually impaired will make it easier for those assets that are buying charity concerts donations for the students at the State Institute for the Blind .

In order to successfully achieve the common goal the musicians are inviting to Tata to the Water, Music, Flower Festival.

The free day concert is on Day Zero and the audience are kindly asked coming to wear white.

The white stick, the white saxophone and white lights consolidated Idea launch in 2017 by Marcellina the ’80s, ’90s known Hungarian musician.  She was the one who brought  the series of concert to the National Institute for the Blind Foundation. Marcellina also hosts excellent musicians this time: the Tatabánya City Symphony Orchestra, who open the White Night with a festive classical concert, with soloist Yvette Modok  –  soprano singer. Thereafter, followed by the concert of Marcellina Pjt, The evening is continued by B52 led by Bela Jankai in the rocky mood. Timing:  6 p.m. – Tatabánya Symphony Orchestra’s Classical Concert. At 8 p.m. – Marcellina PJT: White Night – Dream Concert for the State Institute of Blinds. At 10 p.m. B52 rock concert.

Hopefully from the collected donations will be purchased computing devices, smartphones that can run blind appl, with speaking software. Among the plans include buying specifically for the visually impaired table tennis. These tools will bring relief to hundreds of visual impairment in  their everyday at the State Institute for the Blind.

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