Eight Days a Week! – May, 20-27. – 1st. Beer Week – Budapest

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May, 20-27. Beer Week – Dürer Kert (Durer Garden)

“Come on for tasting May, 25-26. 2018., stay all week!”

 No doubt beer is in the limelight of the festivals, great programs offering a wonderful time.

Beer brewers and other media representatives were invited to his Excellency Lain Lindsay – Ambassador – British Embassy to Hungary who hosted those brewery members supporting the Beer Week festival at his resident, whereas he welcomed  the participants and said the following:

Q.: „We have a strong brewery trading over than 2000 breweries in the UK we export  over a billion pints of beer every year. Europe is a big market for us and I am delighted to see some Scottish beers particularly … I am Scottish … Scottish and craft beers even part in the festival. Most delighted to see that actually already communication of strong overseas interest in coming to take part in festival as visitors. That’s also great news and what fantastic city in which to have a beer festival. As many know been here for over two years, I  love Budapest, I love living here, it’s a great city, it is a city which attracts a huge number of international visitors, not least from Britain and I am hoping this festival as it continues, starts this year will continue will attract more people to this fantastic city. So again, I just want to say, delighted the British Embassy, as I the ambassador,  I am supporting the festival, supporting the brewery, I think it is going to be a fantastic event, if the weather is like this … it is going to be a very long week, but I think it will be very enjoyable and it is great to see so many of you here today and know many are from the brewery industry, the craft industry and also wanting to show your support at this event.” 

Spoked with His excellency Lain Lindsay who said when he moved to Budapest, he was pleased to see how lively the folks in Hungary, like at Pubs sipping  beers just like the Brits. Also added he was born in a small town between Glasgow  and Edinburgh  and growing up saw Pubs-by-Pubs everywhere. So was not  unknown the habit of Brits stopping by to the craft breweries.  He  added, to be invited as patron to the Beer Week and with pleasure excepted, was great honor for him.

The goal is not only to invite you to the tasting sessions of BPBW but to persuade you staying there for a longer time … during the whole week enjoying the splendid week. The breweries will lets you in the secrets of beer tasting and professional tapping,  brewery visits and concerts, after parties will fill the air.  If you haven’t  liked beer earlier you can maybe change your mind and quench your thirst with these unlimited tasting potions! The breweries will continue to bring another beer barrels each day, so no worries to be bone-dry. The beers you can taste … off you go … 6Hs/140/daily.

So far this is will be the longest festival, biggest selection of beers by Hungarian and international craft breweries at the Beer Week of the Year. No doubt beer is in the limelight of the festivals, but a series of great programs offering a wonderful time for all ages.

During the past couple of years the wind of craft has touched the Hungarian beer scene and great breweries has been risen from the ground and here will be the fine time to get the taste, know them.

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