FlashNews: Gyulai Pálinka Festival – 2018.

This coming week-end April , 27-30. Gyula becomes the capital of the Palinka!

  No not be left out  to be at one of the fun events at the Gyula Castle Garden.

The domestic guest of the event is Kisvárda … Foreign guests of the event: Palić.

The Gyula Pálinka Festival is a unique one introducing  gastronomy with the finest pálinka makers gather in time and space to show what the true pálinka of ripe fruit means from Hungary.

The visitors can taste different  types of pálinka  from major producers along with some smaller, family run distilleries showcasing their finest spirits at the festival.

Pálinka has a long history in Hungary, dating back more than 500 years and known as originally in use to be considered more as a medicine than a drink, as it was believed to be a digestive.

In addition to the huge selection of pálinka and food, each day there will be entertainment – operetta show with Marika Oszvald,  live music on the stage from the afternoon onwards by  nationally known musicians, bands  and artists, the Pálinka Knights Order procession, Announcement of the Winners of the Winners’ Cups of the International Palladium Competition, 2018 Results of the Commercial Pálinka Competition, Spectacle and performance at the castle and much more. Inspiring City of Gyula


Ticket: Day ticket: 1200HUF /person, 4-day ticket: 4190HUF /person and can be purchased on the spot at the ticket booth. Entry is free of charge under 10 years of age.

The organisers thought of  the children and young people so a range of colorful programs are awaiting them.

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