February, 2. 2018.

8 p.m.

Voodoo Papa & Dongó
Blues, gospel, country, Hungarian folk

Fonó Music Hall

Dstrict, XI.,  3. Sztregova Street – Budapest


Szert Zsigmond and Fejér Simon Pál’s harmonica, drum, guitar and voice – seem offhand like the usual line-up for a band. But when Hungarian folk music’s iconic figure Szokolay Dongó Balázs joins their duo, a special blend of electric blues and Hungarian folk is born in a new formation: Voodoo Papa & Dongó.

Ripoff Raskolnikov … At the age of 18 Ripoff Raskolnikov set out for the world and travelled all over Europe as a street musician. From the beginning European folk music interested him, then gradually he became more and more influenced by songwriters with roots in American folklore, such as Bob Dylan, Tom Waits or even the music of the Rolling Stones. This iconic stage personality played in Hungary the first time in November 1987. Since then he has performed here countless times. Hungary is even one of his homes. His last album “Odds And Ends” was released in 2016. His songs cover the complete spectrum of human emotion: love, journey, everyday problems, desire, loss, quest for beauty and hunger for life. This evening he performs in a duo.

Source: Fonó Music Hall

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