RMS Titanic exhibition hits higher number of visitors – Budapest

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The story of the ill-fated vessel the world had come to know simply as the Titanic within in a sophisticated exhibition since opening July, 20 has already reached 20000 local and foreigner visitors.
The artifacts presented at this exhibition shows painstaking recoveries from the field of debris surrounding in and around the wreck. The artfully conserved, the three-dimensional objects, more than words to image, and item, objects representing  the vessel’s inside rest rooms, historical records and information, a film screening sheds light on the fate of the tragic ocean liner. An audio guide is offered in  English, Hungarian, German, Czech and Slovak languages provides information on the objects on display as well as historical background of the era. The Titanic, a  ship built-in the era of the safest vessel took 2,228 souls who now journeyed into history with her.

The exhibition is housed in an independent Hungarian department, where they present the sunken Titanic Hungarian related threads.

Paying a visit to the Titanic exhibition prehaps good to keep in mind the neighbouring sights attractions to visit. Parallel with the Király street is the famous boulevard Andrássy Road where fine architecture, including the Opera House. The Synagogue at Dohány Street, one of the most beautiful synagogue in the world, is just a short walk from the Titanic Exhibition venue. Also The neighbouring streets are the heart of historic Jewish Budapest with more synagogues and a range of cultural attractions. The most famous ruin bars are in this neighbourhood. The Szimpla ruin bar is also home of the farmer’s market on Sundays.

The exhibition voyage will be open until  December, 1., then turns her “knots” to Paris’s visitors.

Update and snaps from the opening Aggie Reiter

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