Fairplay – Sports Legend – Városmajor Open-Air Theater – Budapest

A dance show about the sport!

District XII. Városmajor- Budapest

Sport and art makes our lives more colorful. These two sources are simultaneously displayed by „Fairplay”.

August 13, at 8 p.m. the Coincidance Dance Theater announces a new performance, the „Fairplay – Sports”  Legends at the Városmajor Open-Air Theater.

The performance is in honour in memory by remembering Julia Gyulai’s father István Gyulai (RIP), one of the most popular sports reporter and sports diplomat, former Secretary General of the International Athletics Association. His life was addicted to the world of sports, short-time futures won a total of 28 Hungarian championships, between 1961 and 1969. It was gold in the 1963 Universe and in 1965 it earned silver medal. He also attended  the 1964 Tokyo Olympics. Int he 70’s he  chief – editor at the Hungarian Television Sport Division. (Editor’s remark … was lucky enough to work at the time being in the mid 70s together with him.)

The troupe was founded by Júlia Gyulai, Zsófia Székács and Norbert Potornai dancers in 2008. The name Coincidance derives from the English word ‘coincidence’ which means an incidential concurrence. The name refers to the organic combination of the two dancing styles and their harmonic fusion. The style of the troupe was born from unique merging of the European contemporary dance and authentic Irish step dancing. In her creations Júlia Gyulai choreographer uses the suitability of the dance for storytelling and the abstracted dramaturgy as organising principles.

The dance ensemble, which combines Irish stupa and contemporary dance, promises a special spectacle evening for Hungarians and foreigners.

Tickets on the spot and/or  online:  http://szabadter.jegy.hu/program/coincidance-tancszinhaz-fairplay-sportoriasok-legendaja-79744/37927

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