The 20th Jewish Cultural Festival coming up!


September, 3. 2017. – 14, September, 2017.


Reaching the end months of the summer is annually organized the Jewish Culture Festival in Budapest. During the period arrives more-and-more culture programs, which has traditionally portrayed the true grandeur of music and theater. A number of light and classical concerts, theater and literary programs awaiting visitors interested in the beautiful and specialty venues of the festival. Due to the Jewish Cultural Festival’s theme and the wide range of exciting programs, it is quite certain that in 2017 everyone will find those events that will suite their taste.

The organizers are also looking forward as welcoming everyone, young and elder folks, both Hungarian and foreigners staying on a visit in Budapest and/or living working in Budapest. Within the programs, International, Jewish and non-Jewish performers, musicians and artists will be to entertain. The festival aims to preserve the Jewish cultural heritage and to make it as widespread as possible and also to make it memorable for the visitors as the summer season Farewell ceremony.  The so-called farewell party will be as usually always be the best part and this year the theme is the Jewish celebration of culture and art. The audiences are awaited at seven venues.

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