Welcome Abroad – World Famous Titanic Exhibition – Port to Budapest!

Welcome abroad! – RMS Titanic exhibition!

Thursday, July, 20. –  Saturday, July, 29. 2017.

Former VAM Design Center –  District, VI., 26. Király Street

Open everyday of the week Sundays from 10 a.m.  until 8 p.m.

The Titanic’s first trip from Southampton was on April 10, 1912. An unscrupulous cruise ship collided four days later with an iceberg, and on April 15, in the early dawn hours it was swallowed in the depth of the Sea with the luxurious luxuries of the time, as well as emigrants traveling onboard  the third class of poverty. The Titanic was the most personal transatlantic ship of the era, the most monumental achievement of the technological revolution. Passengers and postcards were transported between Europe and North America, but on her first voyage more than fifteen hundred people were on board and as she hit an iceberg and sank.

Many have had seen already the outstanding film that was screened around the world and soon to come  to Budapest the restored objects and items  brought from a depth of nearly four kilometers under the Sea, will be brought to the unique exhibition featuring  the life onboard the Titanic. So,  even for those not just viewing the film, but visiting this exhibition will surely leave an imprint arriving to participate on this coming journey.

At  the 2300 square meter the visitors can go back to that era and see hundreds of original pieces of original artworks like:  furniture, personal belongs, clothes, jeweler remained from the famous shipwreck. Visiting the exhibition will be an unforgetable journey “Back in Time” visiting the reconstruction of the cabins, the engine room and the dining room showing the atmosphere whereas to please the travelers on board in the early 20th century.

There will also be an independent Hungarian section where the Titanic Hungarian-related threads will be out on display.

This unique journey starts right at the entrance, where visitors will be given a boarding pass with the name of a real Titanic passenger.  On the spot there will be the Titanic Shop and the possibility to buy up to date souvenirs associated with the era.

Both pre-emigrant tickets and tickets exchanged on the spot at  the ticket office can be converted into a 30″ or 60″ time band. These time ranges always represent the current entry time interval. After entering the exhibition, visitors may stay without time limit…  http://www.eventim.hu/en/tickets/titanic-a-kiallitas-budapest-vam-design-center-464866/event.html?

Press release by the organizer JVS Group Hungary who is promising an unforgetable exhibition.

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