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The book review  press meeting was held  at the Budapest Honvéd Sports Association – Fencing Hall. The former Synagogue was consructed in the beginning of the 20th century, upon the plan of Hungary’s utmost architect Lipót Baumhorn. In a couple of days. June, 8. 2017. to be out on  the shelves at the Alexandra Publishing House bookstores title: „White Gold”  the Epée lifetime of Imre Géza Word Champion.

Participated at five Olympics Epée paste Géza Imre and won two-two silver and bronze medals, four times World Champion, six-time European Champion.

Géza Imre says: „My Silver Medals are not really silver,

they are White Gold.”

Now-a-days cannot be said that members of former Olympic Champions turn to sit down and grab a piece of paper and pen to write or on the computer – to  gather the former decades impulse and publish a book about their sporty past. Including the decades of memories in mind to lay the thoughts into words.

In brief „ For decades I was about to be a once-only Olympic champion. And there, on August, 9, 2016, at age 41, I was standing on the pond in the final of the Individual Contest. A few minutes later, I drove to 14:10, I was stretched out of reach of gold or even closer. However, I did not find a score more than once, but I lost 15: 14. I knew exactly what I missed. That I will not have another Olympic finals to come.”

To look back on the great sportsman’s perceived positive and negative experiences, the book is really exciting from the perspective of a sportsman. The book is only published in Hungarian.

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