III. Oktoberfest – Budapest – 2015.

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From Thursday, October, 1. to Sunday, October, 4. 2015.

Open from  Noon – 02 a.m.

District, XIV. 56-osok tere …  along the City Park.

Indeed … Fall has arrived to Hungary and celebrating throughout the year at numerous festivals the beautiful wines of Hungary, the beer lovers are not forgotten.  So, here we go again for the third year becoming the biggest beer festival of Hungary in Budapest and after the grand Oktoberfest in Munich – Germany, it is considered to be the second greatest beer festival in Europe. Tickets on the spot.

Beside the smooth beers from Germany, also beers made in Hungary by 55  small, artisan breweries can be tasted by the public during the 4-days event. Altogether, more than 300 beers to tickle the atmosphere and having 110 booth, Bavarian food and other foods known from around the world will be just at the fingertips to the visitors.

At the Oktoberfest will not be missing the huge beer tents … the Paulaner HB will be present to have an original experience of the world’s largest folk festival, the German Oktoberfest. Further more, visiting the Erdinger tent, the Riska tent will be highlighting to get into the mood by the visitors.

Almdudler … the main sponsor of the Oktoberfest …will be giving out a thousand of bottles of natural alpine herb soft drink.  It is Austria’s favorite drink for over almost 60 years. The booth is set up near to the entrance.

Beer and music go well together and the Bavarian music will surely trigger the festival’s mood. This year also one of famous beer country … the Czech Republic will be the guest at the festival, brining more than 50 speciality beers.

Throughout the 4days staging shows with music of all kind and to all generation as: Boney M (Sheyla Bonnick songs, Bonbon, Happy Gang, Groovehouse, DJ Dominique,  V. Tech,  Kerozin, Gábor Garami, Szilárd Budi, Barna Péli,  Bálint Bársony,  Erika A Zoltán,  Tibi Csordás and last but not least Klári Balázs and György Korda … and many more will be on  the main stage.

On Sunday will be holding Octoberfest’s beauty contest. Make sure to be guaranteed as to participate at the real Oktoberfest atmosphere!

Update and snaps Aggie Reiter

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