Gastronomy and Art – Baricska Csárda Balatonfüred – Lake Balaton

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The Baricska Csárda (Village Inn) has now re-opened.

Not only Gastronomy, but also Art is dedicated to the Baricska Csárda at Balatonfüred – Northern Region at Lake Balaton. Therefore, keeping that in mind, in the coming summertime is not only for the delicious food to taste but for the eyes welcomes locals and foreigners with Zoltán Debreczeny – painter’s exhibition from May, 25. 2017.

Zsolt Martonosi – owner Baricska Csárda – Village Inn also joined the press conference with Zoltán Kalló – Prima-winning violinist who is the local entertainer for over five years at the Baricska Csárda and told that for many years in acquaintance with the painter Zoltán Debreczeny and his paintings have had been exhibited at the  Chianti Restaurant in Veszprém (namely: the brother of Baricska Csarda) several occasions. Need to mention to have a close look at the eye-catching sophisticated old frames which also highlights the artist’s taste of art.

The theme of the paintings are the sights of the Lake Balaton, the neighborhood of the Inn, which very much inspires people here.

The gypsy musician and his musician Zoltán Kalló entertain the guests several occasions during the week, because as he said … “The beef broth and the Keleméri birch roast is just half of the delight without  the accompanied by gypsy music”.

It has also been said that Baricska Csárda is visited by many local and foreigner people each year. According to the owner’s concept, often full-bodied terrace, catering is more of a complex experience, not just the excellent food. Continued, “We believe that the gastronomy revolution in Hungary is not the privilege of fine dining restaurants and top wines. Our guests are also looking forward to top-notch wines, handmade beers and homemade lemonades, made from premium ingredients. All this will nourish the body and overall the effect with the shaded panoramic terrace and the highest level of gipsy music surely will be a place to come by again.

So the basic thoughts was that besides the producers lineup in the area, they also fell the need to be acquainted with the artists living among them. But not harmoniously, but harmonized with the atmosphere of the inn, for a deeper and complete experience.

Invented something unique for the arriving guests to the Baricska Csárda, they can participate in a prize game during summer. Beside looking at the works exhibited by the painter there will be one painting participating in the raffle, also is offered 6 bottles of wines from the Balaton region wines, furthermore, a dinner party for 2 persons.  How to participate the gambling gauge … each guest will receive an entry card  indicating the specified amount of consumption and the awarded will have to present his/her account after the raffle. The card is placed on the spot into the collector with the name and phone number. The winners will be picked random late September.

Editor’s remark and advice … Do not leave the place without not tasting the Baricska Csárda’s Fish soup a’la Bakony, it is mouth-watering tasty, ain’t going to tell the ingredients go for it when stopping by and have your own experience and you will know you ain’t eaten nothing yummy compared to it. Also local spices, veggies drinks, homemade pasta, herbal vinegar, homemade jams are available at the Csárda.

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