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On until this week-end – March, 19. 2017.

District, XIV., 12 a Állatkerti Blvd. Budapest.

Looking for a show for this  coming  week-end, there is no better place to be than at the Hungarian State Circus, where  the „Neighbouring Circus – Stars of the Central European Circus Ring” performance will be on in the Circus until the end of this coming week-end. The Hungarian State Circus caught the attention of the surrounding nations circus culture, which exerted great influence, and that we can learn from the neighboring countries circus artists here in Budapest This acrobatic show must be experienced at least once in your life and keeping that in mind, and if you would like something that the whole family would enjoy must hurry up to reserve your seat, because  on until this week-end – March, 19. 2017. If you are interested in what the world of the Hungarian circus and circus which are the prominent artists of neighboring countries, it is in the „last hour” to purchase tickets. The circus show is not just an ordinary performance at the circus ring, but rather a night at the Art of Artists.

The occasion of Hungary’s national holiday  – March 15., speech by Hungarian State Circus  Director Péter Fekete opened the „Circus Neighbouring” show jointly with Dr. Zoltán Maruzsa Assistant Secretary of Public Education (EMMI).

As the tradition it is kept, that on this day the Circus Artists professional management and the Trade Union of transfer awards. These awards as recognition were given to Árpád Simon (90yrs.)  Tihany “Lifetime Achievement” – 2016. The award was founded by the Hungarian Circus and Variety, Dittmár  Lajdo (30yrs) “Stage Young Star” Award  received from the Artists’ Union and the Circus and Variety Hungary. At the festive program the National Anthem  was sang by with the audience  the Oscar 2017 – winning song “Everybody” in the film by the Bakáts  Music School choir  of Budapest.

Before the neighborhood counties arists step into the arena, a short landscape of the country is introduced.

In the first part of the program of Visegrád, the second part the culture of our country and neighboring countries introduced by the circus artists. Within the show, the Serbian circus director – Valerijana Anamaria Sliva, Adriana Folco – Austria, enchanting the audience with her horse-productions. The Yarov Group – Ukraine, – performed mix comedic elements, which brought plenty of laughter and excitement within the audience. The Hungarian Henrik Veres with his superb, amazing juggler power performance and the world-famous Rippel Brothers with their brand new power-lifting show with their Rippel Brothers Academy’s 2 pupil on high lifted stage dazzled the audience.

The amazing acrobats performances keeps your eye wide open watching the artists introducing the art of traditional circus and the audience realizing that the circus art is more than just entertainment. The whole auditorium held endless massive ovations throughout the show.

Kind attention to the locals and especially the tourists having limited time in the city and curious, wondering what/where to go int he coming 3 days in the afternoon or evening the Hungarian State Circus more than welcome adults and children.

Showtime … Monday to Friday – 10 a.m. and 6 p.m. Saturday – 10 a.m. and 7 p.m. Sunday – 10 a.m. and 6 p.m.

Tickets available ont he spot – ticket office and/or  through phone +36 1 343-8300

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Update and snaps  by Aggie Reiter

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