XI. Volvo Cup – Men’s International Water Polo Tournament – Budapest – 2017.

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The representatives of Volvo Cup  and  the Men’s International Water Polo Tournament held a press conference at the Marriott Hotel – Elisabeth Hall on Friday morning.  The tournament’s “key message” contains is to continue to emphasize the continuity of the sport, promote the rising generation. To this end it will be supported by the Volvo Car Industry 110 thousand HUF for each Hungarian goal  int he framework for the funding of training, the next generation of  the  Hungarian water polo  members.

The Hungarian national team will be against  Slovakia, Montenegro and  Croatia. The venue will be at the New Buda – “Tüske” swimming pool.

The Volvo Car and the Hungarian Water Polo Association already have close working relationship over two decades. This means that now stepping into the 11th Volvo Cup  Water Polo tournament is no different. The polo lovers know  neither of the teams is in need of appreciation, there  will be very tough opponents.

Friday, February, 10. 7 p.m. –  Croatia and Montenegro, 8:30 p.m. – Hungary and Slovakia

Saturday, February, 11. –  7p.m. – Croatia and Slovakia, 8.30 p.m.  – Hungary and Montenegro

Sunday, February, 12. – 10 a.m. –  Montenegro and Slovakia, 11.30 a.m.  – Hungary and Croatia.

Tickets available on the spot at the ticket office.

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