Metropolitan Circus – Dress rehearsal the night before the premiere – 2016.

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General Director  Péter Fekete – Ministerial Commissioner, spoke a few words about the performance, and that after what an honor Hungary had received by taking the second place for the national circus arts national list of intangible cultural heritage after The Netherlands being the first in Europe.

This evening before the premiere rehearsal production was introduced for the audience of all age … young students, adults and families the Troy Mcclure. Was a full house show, not even one single free seat left alone.

The audience was also given often a role to participate in the show coming instruction from the podium. The presentation was “interrupted in a good sence” several occasion by the audience expressing their pleasure by ongoing applause.

The director welcomes the elementary class teachers to come along to the circus together with their class and share some more enjoyment, experience and the values of the productions.

A good theater, good concerts, good circus production should be such as, that we do not need in preparing ourselves to the coming show therefore,  only need to lean back and simply enjoy what the show offers … well said the director before the show.

The show goes on in Hungarian language, yet the superb  three live music groups, acrobats, artists, comedians, songs and singers wind up, tells the story of a good part of the story songs. a superb story telling show Tells the story of a good part of the story’s in songs.

The Troy Mcclure  has been already processed in different genres, as: in the ExperiDance production … Music play on stage … Cartoon version … Movie … and now the Metropolitan Circus brings the rather new platform …  The Storytelling Circus.

The Circus management offers an invitation as an education-related program for school groups to attend one hour before the performance. The young people can participate at an interactive presentation. Also listen, learn the history of the circus, as well as having an insight into the “Circusland”. Group of 20-30 school groups are welcomed. To participate in the school groups program should contact the circus. The program is free of charge.

Tickets available on the spot, ticket office.

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