Rózsavölgyi Chocolate Factory – Budapest


The desire to get to know the fine chocolates produced by Rózsavölgyi visit the new chocolate workshop!

District, XXII. 48-50 Nagytétényi út  (Road.)

Have you had love affair with chocolate already, if not your place is to visit the Haggenmacher beer factory at Budafok.  … No… not mistaking! Yes … the venue is situated at the brand newly established chocolate factory.

You do not have to possess a degree from the Academy of Chocolate, nor to be a chocolate maker, to tell your point of view about a fine chocolate. Take a chocolate tour by your own, but with friends, family, acquaintances you can exchange your Choco addicted ideas. Some folks may open a bottle of wine after working hours arriving home, but some  might not go for the wine, instead open bar of fine chocolate. Anyway to get to know the delicious and tasty experience, a fine time is to visit an awesome place would be a pity to skip, not rolling to the  chocolate factory, where can get your supply of the very best of chocolates.

Available to order  from the factory such as: Chocolate macaroni, Hazelnut Gianduja Spread, Chocolate statues … Rózsavölgyi – “Off the Hook”  – real treat as a gift for chocolate addicted individuals. Also Bonbon, Truffle, Single-origin tablets, Seasoned bars, Sailor Mustache, Rusty tools, Dragees and so many other yummies made from chocolate can be purchased.

Chocolate is Healthy! Consume at least 2 ounces of dark chocolate daily… it is easy as 1,2,3!

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