World’s Frozen Yogurt Day … Jono Yogo Frozen Yogurt Bar – Budapest 2016.

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On the World’s  Frozen Yogurt Day many family gourmets came to the Allee Shopping Center to have a cool day, create their own yogo delights and bite into the heavenly flavors.

On this occasion media representatives and  two celeb, Eszter Iszak – VIVA TV presenter and Cinthya Dictator – photographer were invited in tasting their own creation and celebrating the Jono Yogo – Frozen Yogurt Bar’s  2nd year birthday.

In Hungary for over two years has been running the popular Jono Yogo – Frozen Yogurt Bar to make their day for the connoisseurs. These delicious yummies are now available at five major shopping center in Budapest … Arcade, Arena,  Allee, Mammut, West End. Over these two years the flavors had become increasingly popular for all age groups.

The yogurt is actually a yogurt-based ice cream, which allows for an infinite variety of different flavors. The most popular versions are the plain or added with fruits. In addition to the classic flavors as vanilla, chocolate, raspberry, lemon there are countless special variations available, such as cucumber, apple pie, dragon fruit and mentioning the very Hungarian topping, the homemade honey-walnut chip cookies. As to higher the experience for the Yogo flavors folks may enrich the yogurt with fresh fruit, or with the various sauces, seeds, muesli, dragees and many more chrunchy flavors.

For a long time only in the American films was seen shots of these frozen yogurt, or as it is called in the States the Froyo! Its popularity is partly due to the significantly to the lower fat content … though it should be known that in America it is mostly made of powder, which is less healthy, but in Hungary it is compiled on the basis of real yogurt and milk, using Hungarian confectioners ideas of Yogo’s  compared to ice cream.

Update and snaps by Aggie Reiter

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