Eleventh Annual International Circus Festival 2016 – Budapest


Tomorrow begins the 11th. Annual  International Circus Festival in Budapest. The Metropolitan Circus welcomes 75 Artists from 13 countries The 30 performances is a real mixture of artists from around the world, who have had been already selected by a panel. The international competition starts tomorrow on Thursday and ends by the coming Monday.

Just like in the previous years the president and Head of jury will be from a prominent foreign circus. This year will be present namely Eugene Chaplin – president of Switzerland’s Vevey Comedy Festival.

Most probably the audience will be supporting by cheering to their favorites. In the coming multiday’s programs for children, families and a group of friends will be entering into the world of magic, whilst watching the real world of acrobatics. Many in the audience will forget to take a breath and/or their hearts will skip a beat as watching the show of the amazing artists

As mentioned 75 Artist will be on the circus ground and to deeply get into their backgrounds would take a long list, therefore, only the names, productions and country is below, but at the Circus you can hear more details about their backgrounds.

The Star’s program will be divided in two-part „A” and „B”.

Program „A”: Fratelli Rossi – Ikaria (Spain), Isaac Aborah – Juggler (Ghana), Duo Phykov – Running on the waves (Russia), Family Urunov – Liberty – Horse act (Russia), Flying Farfans – Fliegende (USA), Rola Bola act (Ukraine), Heejin D – Snow Queen – Handstand (Mongolia).

Program „B” The Gerlings – Wheel of death (Columbia), Mr. Lorenz – Clown (Italy), Jeton – Juggler (Germany), Family Urunov – Liberty – Horse act (Russia), Nicol Nicols – Wire act (Spain), X-Treme Brothers – Handstand (Romania), Sergii Novikov – Opposition – Strap act (Ukrain), Silver Power –  Power lifting act (Hungary), The Gerlings – Art in balance (Columbia).

The winners of 2016 International Circus Festival will be announced  at 7 p.m. on January, 11. 2016.

Tickets available on the spot or through the net., and further information: http://www.fnc.hu/eng/festival

 Update by Aggie Reiter

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