Gastronomy lovers … Hit the road to the Gozsdu Courtyard – Budapest

Gonna lick ya ten fingers

Need some inspiration for planning your week ahead to round-up experiences concerning on and around St. Martin Day?

At this time of the year in November and during St. Martin Day which is prior to the last day before the 40-day Advent fast, is allowed to taste the rich and tasty snack, delights. This kind of fest goes around throughout the country and naturally, in Budapest will not be otherwise. The Gozsdu Courtyard awaiting gastronomy lovers to enjoy the mouth-watering goose treats  from November, 11.2015.

A variation of this tradition, according to St.Martin’s Day goose delicacies comes from the Roman habit, starting date of November 11 when reaching the winter quarter of the year. Also on this day  the new wines are tasted  and the jolly good mood gets higher-and-higer!

At the Gozsdu Courtyard’s has 6 courtyards, where everybody will find what they are looking for wandering around the imposing gateway  to a cozy restaurant or wine bar in the coming week.

During the time being will be served yummy goose gourmet meals, for instance how does this sound? A nice goose ragout soup with quince or roasted foie gras with creamy polenta. Needn’t have to hold your breath, make your way in the coming days to the Gozsdu Courtyard  and get into the mood where …  “you’re awaited with big breasts and hot thighs” … that’s what it say in Hungarian down below!

Awaiting ya with big boops and hot thighs

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