Halloween Party at the Gozsdu Courtyard – Budapest – 2015.

halloween coming 2015.

In every corner of the Earth the zombies invade our planet to rebirth at the Halloween Night!

On October 31, in the cool of the evening when everything is getting kinda groovy will be the time to get bloody serious with the bloodthirsty, moving and talking, man-sized monsters, vampires, zombies swarming at one of the popular entertainment center, at Budapest’s most attractive Downtown venue at the Gozsdu Courtyard (District, VII., 13.  Király Str. – Budapest)

It is the time to get bloody serious! This Halloween night is the right time to go crazy and also shake dem Halloween bones!

Prepare yourself to the Zombie Apocalypsearrival from New York, luminous-eyed zombies will invade the whole passage and the enormous Halloween party kicks off.

At the same time a huge spooky party will be opening at the “Halloween – Shop of Fears” where pumpkin lanterns, skeletons, witches await all who dares to step in for a little shivering. Of course, there will be no shortage in costumes. So for those who want to look face-to-face to the zombies can quickly be transformed into a vampire, or into a werewolf, or whatever you want to be … it is your choice for the night. There will be synthetic blood, blood capsules, horror face painting as well. Moreover, at the Panopticon an unusual costume contest will take place. Dress in your most horrifying costume … be a witch, ghost, zombie, vampire, black cat, spider, Jack O’Lanter, skeleton, and do your spooky dance and be the spookiest, funnest Halloween individual ever on this planet! The winners will be enriched with valuable prizes.

Of course, the catering will not be shortage in anything. Be ready to have your mind blow away! Watch out for the scary staff as they pick up your order with their face dribbling in blood, and serving your bloody drinks, devilish cocktails, freakish foods.  Taste the Pumpkin cocktails …like it or leave it  … but ain’t no use not to give it a try.

You bet! … It is going to be a thrill  at the Gozsdu Courtyard with an atmosphere filled with the Halloween feeling.

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