Buda Castle – IX. Pálinka and Sausage Festival – 2015.

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Tomorrow opening this year’s Fall’s palinka  and sausage festival!

With a wide selection of Pálinka and Gin visitors are more than welcomed to the Festival!

  District  I. Buda Castle – Budapest

October 2-4. 20154.

This year the “GIN” is the main spirit in celebrating … if it can be celebrating at all … summer has gone!

The guest spirit of the festival this year is  … non other than the mighty gin …  so was told  …   it will be gin specialties awaiting for the visitors,  beside the  sausages and other meat products, crafts, cheeses and more than 400 kinds of  true, fruity pálinka   – made in Hungary –   awaiting  visitors to the Buda Castle Pálinka and Sausage Festival, so we were told by organiser at the press opening.

We heard a presentation about Márton and Daughters quality pálinkas. Their pálinkas are regularly participating at contests home (Hundeszt, Gyulai Palinka Competition) and abroad (Austrian Destillata)  where every year a number of awards – gold, silver and bronze medals receive  rewards of the quality of Martin’s pálinka.  In 2008, at the International Spirit Competition distillate of Hungary won the National Champion title. Worthwhile to give it a try when rolling though the pálinka paths, visiting the booth.

Individuals from the media had been given a chance to take part in  “blending” their own taste of plum palinka, and during the 3days festival,  visitors may also blend their own taste of pálinka!

The festival is an excellent opportunity to discover the world of Hungarian íPalinkas….ie Fruit Brandy) .The famous Hungarian sausages are prepared on century  old tradition recipes, so the secrets ingredients will not be unfold, but never-the-less, the visitors will have a chance to discover tastes they will never forget, whilst visiting Hungary. Thee specially prepared sausages are not only unique but class among the world premium brands. Beyond the pálinka and the  gastronomy experience te festival offers a spectacular atmosphere at the beautiful Buda Castle venue.More than that music lovers awaits for those feeling to get in to the mood every evening! At the main stage … on FRIDAY … Evening programs starts at 4 p.m. at the main stage with concerts by Margen – 4 p.m. continuing at 6 p.m. with Marriel and at 8 p.m. with Anna and the Barries.. On SATURDAY … 2 p.m. Margir Barna – winner of the street music festival at Veszprém,  4 p.m. the Szeder group, 6 p.m. Vera  Jónás Experiment, and at 8 p.m. – Vad  Fruitik. On SUNDAY …  starting at 2 p.m. Kama – Mary Popkids,  at 4 p.m. Mongooze and the Magnet, from 6 p.m. Margaret Island,  and closing concert will be  from 8 p.m. Balázs Szabó group.

On Friday, October, 2. at the GIN courtyard, from 9 p.m. Barbi  Sraahl – Gábor Havai duet, and on Saturday, October, 3. from  9p.m. Márton Hangácsi will be entertaining the audience.

Opening time: Friday : 4 p.m. – 12 a.m.

Saturday: Noontime – 02 a.m.

Sunday: Noontime – 10 p.m.

Entry ticket is available on the spot: 2000HUF. Within this price includes a tasting glass received along with the entry ticket. Within one daily ticket multiple entries is valid  during that certain day’s opening hours.

Three-day entry ticket: 5500HUF. The price includes a tasting glass, even visiting the festival for 3 days. Here also the passes are valid for multiple entries.

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