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Metropolitan Circus – District, XIV., 12/a Állatkert Ave. -Budapest

The Metropolitan Circus held its season opening with a press briefing connection with a short demonstration of its forthcoming Circus Show titled BALANCE!

 October, 3.2015.  –   December, 31. 2015.

At the press conference were present: Péter Fekete – Ministerial Comissioner – Managing Director responsible for the renewal of circus arts, MACIVA Nonprofit Ltd., József Richter – Director, and  László Szabó – communications expert.

The circus is an enchanted place not only on holidays, but weekdays too for kids and adults of all age. Whether you’re a fan of contemporary circus  or not worthwhile to at least once join the world of amazing artist, who this season fulfills the area with breathtaking elements combined with sporty formations.

A meeting point for team builders at the capital’s circus for basketball fans to the forthcoming”Balance” performance regardless of age or sex!

Need not wish to rush ahead, cause before the press gathering, in front of the circus building took place the „Flying Ball” –  Ukrainian basketball team’s demo with acrobatic elements. They showed how „easy” it is to handle the UNBELIEVABALL!

We all know the circus as the ground of entertainment was already available for the Citizens in the Ancient Rome, and at ancient Greek hippodromes. Philip Astley in the late 18th century adopted the ring platform, and the „Big Tops” became common as the circus shows rolled from town-to-town … city-to-city.

A big jump in time we are back in the 21st century’s with the world-class artists and acrobats here in Budapest.

The Metropolitan’s Circus still holds its shows in a ring platform with its own circus band.  Péter Fekete said, it is not only a dream to have a brand new circus building, but surely needs about a four-year term to come true. So for the time being he promised the artists they will perform here at the circus which hold for them so many memories,  until the new circus building’s roof will be pulled up, so ion the meantime this building will not be demolished.  His main intention is to bring closer the relations, just like in the early days.

This new show is connecting art with sport. Even though was only a demo of aerial acts still eyes were wide open watching, performing cca. 7 meters high above the Columbian Troupe Gerling unique production without any security net.

Still standing outside the building suddenly a motorcycle rolled to the curb. Pascal – the Dutchman in Budapest arrived from Spain to be  sharp on time at the press gathering. Right away he pulled out two rhythmic whistle and picked a young girl from the audience and in a second he approached all the folks attention with the gags performance. Don’t expect to see him int he show as the classical clown of to-day, but rather as a comic theatrical performer.

This new show is connecting art with sport. Even though was only a demo of aerial acts still eyes were wide open watching, performing cca. 7 meters high above the Columbian Troupe Gerling – seven artists classic tightrope act.  An unique production without any security net. There was magic in the air, even dropping a pin on the floor you could hear it land whilst watching them. The audience will absolutely feel their hearts will skip a beat while experiencing their unique outstanding acts in their program.

The  third demo of the day was shown by the X-Treme Brothers just arrived from Portugal after receiving the Bronze medal at the first International Circus Artists Festival. The Romanian triplet group have been working together for over ten years. They often travel abroad. This year they have performed in France and Switzerland already and needless to say they reached international success. Be ready to certainly experience a visually striking performance.

To learn about the list of artists follow: http://www.fnc.hu/eng/our-show

You can buy tickets in your comfy armchair from your home and receive 10% discount with online purchase!

Personally, on the spot at the circus ticket booth are also available. Foreigners in Hungary  who wish to book themselves ticket(s) may call +3613438300 and from the menu choose number 2,  as to reach an English-speaking member, supporter  at the circus.

For children under the age of 4 sitting in your lap during the performance, entrance is free. Children’s ticket is available for children between 4 and 18.

Show time: Wednesday to Friday: 3 p.m. – Saturday: 11 a.m. – 3 p.m.  – 7 p.m. – Sunday: 11 a.m. and 3 p.m.

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