Beer Festival – Corvin Quater – Budapest – 2015.

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District, VIII. – Corvin Quater – Budapest

May, 14 -17. 2015.

No  entry  payment  is needed … only cost a „Hello” … “Hi” … “Howdy”!

During the long week-end floating … as the Hungarians say  … Beer is equal to the „Liquid Bread” is  introduced by approximately 30 exhibitors over a hundred different  types of draft and bottled beers, which  awaited visitors to be a little bit in the Czech Republic, Germany and Hungary by enjoying  the tastes at the international days offers.

Attractive Spaniards Flashmob caught many eyes within their style of dancing, held at the Corvin Quater’ s  Beer Festival.

Each day a particular nation introduce their nation’s beer, culture, cuisine and music. On Thursday  – the International Day, Friday – the Czech Day,  Saturday – the German Day and on Sunday  – the Hungarian Day  is to be the closing day  of  great draft beers … at least for a “short” period of time.

No one is left out  to get into the mood and have a splendid  time with friends around having  smooth, tasty  beers experience.

Update and snaps by Aggie Reiter

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