3D Printing – The real industrial revolution – Budapest – 2015.


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Meet the machines that change the world.

District V.,  Erzsébet (Elizabeth) Square – Akvarium Club – Budapest

Thursday, May, 14. – Saturday, May, 16.

Budapest 3D Printing Days, organized for the 3rd. time this year and brings 40 exhibitors on hand. The visitors will also be offered have a chance to explore and try out the latest 3D printers and software.  The aim is to showcase the very best of this technology to the audience – returning visitors will be awarded by the rapid nature of development in this field, which is also observable in the local markets as well.  It is about so much more than printing plastic trinkets … less spectacular but all the more relevant production technology and product development integration will slowly reshape the industrial background behind our object culture.

The concept of 3D printing is unbelievably broad and when we  … mistakenly … reduce it to action figure printers, we likely are forgetting all of the of the technical, scientific or medical the advances which would have been impossible without the additive manufacturing process. Shapes that have had been previously impossible to manufacture, structures which were before too complex to mass produce with the 3D printing has made its way to be a part of our reality and in many fields to be used not in the future but to-day as well.

At the 3 days event visitors may see many awesome ideas placed into force and there is nothing strange in it, cause if just thinking of the invention of steel-bar  made fence in the 19th century was an unimaginable novelty and now-a-days  it does not trigger  anybody’s mind.

In the meantime here is one of the exhibitors, worthwhile to see and talk to the creators, Calin Brandabur and Mihai Soare who will be there to answer any of your questions and to present technical live demonstrationsTheir Symme3D is being showcased for the first time internationally here in  Budapest  at the 3D Printing Days.

In brief a little background of  the … “ Symme3D is the first multifunctional delta platform 100% designed, engineered and manufactured in Romania. It was designed by Calin Brandabur to be used as a manufacturing tool for modules developed for personal use. The public interest was high so now Symme3D became a product on its ownThe platform features 10 interchangeable tool heads for 3D printing, Laser etching, CNC milling and will be the first desktop sized pick and place machine worldwide. With Symme3D a DIY maker, engineer, hardware startup or even established company can control the full life-cycle of a hardware product development from PCB milling, for the electronics, Stencil laser cutting to easily apply the solder paste on the PCB to 3D printing  cases / boxes or frames for the final product. Also coming later this year, the first fully automated, desktop sized, Pick And Place machine! The Symme3D will be available to purchase in Summer 2015. … “

Soon spicing up with more 3D exhibitors.

Update  and snaps by Aggie Reiter

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  1. it’s been a pleasure being there as an exhibitor and a workshop trainee! big up to the organizers at Design Terminal!

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