Food Truck Show – Budapest – 2015.

Food Truck Show Budapest 2015.

Friday, May, 8. – 10. 2015.

District, XIV. 19-21. Ajtósi Dürer line.

Dürer Picnic Park – Budapest … 35,000 square meters … more than 50 exhibitors, street musicians, acrobats, children’s programs!

Food Truck Show be Rollin’ with them! See you all  to-day come rain or shine!!! … You will love it …. stop by and grab a great lunch or supper.

Friday, May, 8. is to be a great day to gather around with great friends and families in the outdoors, enjoying bits-and-pieces of crunchy-munchies or delights at the food trucks event.

Are you sick and tired of the old, same or boring fried everything! Need something new. Food trucks bring foodies favorites to the Dürer Picnic Park.

Remember you are all invited to the Food Truck Show. Come out, the chances are great you’ll have an amazing time.

Detailed programs coming soon …

Update by Aggie

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