Budapest Park 2015!

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Budapest Park celebrate its 4th year in 2015 and  will be bringing  an awesome choice of programs. During the bunch of superb concerts … as the saying goes „All things must past” will be the goodbye concert after two decades of the active band H57. Worthwhile to be celebrating the seventh decade of blues musicians in a concert in. Also performs almost the entire leading edge of active legendary Hungarian pop-rock musicians entertaining for more than five decades and also expecting a number of well-known international stars.

This morning, Wednesday’s press gathering was held at the Bordó Bisztró on the  Nagymező  Street in Budapest, topics all about  Music …Music … Music to be at the open-air  Budapest Park.  It was said from the coming April to September  will be the city of entertainments bringing  each day over five months celebrity performers, the best DJs in the town at the largest open-air theater at four venues. Visitors will find their own taste in music because endless styles will pop on stage. The organizers ensure promotions and lots-and-lots of superb surprise programs each day. Beside the sights-and-sounds, inviting scent of food floating in the air and of course having intoxication drinks will be available. This year’s programs starts off on April, 23. 2015.

“In 2014 we held 93 concerts. This year having planned to have 80 to 90 concerts.  Negotiations is still ongoing with the artists, bands and groups. During the evening time there will be several productions to be seen and heard..” said Károly Gerendai – main organizer.

In 2014, 300 thousand people visited the Budapest Park on a venue of 10 thousand square meters Approximately, 200 bands and 60 DJ stepped  on stage. At the venue available to 11 thousand people  were  welcomed at three festivals. Károly Gerendai also said that the number of visitors in recent years, the programs were highly  accepted  by the audience at the Budapest Park.

For those who were born yesterday will be most probably new in listening to the Omega band’s old songs entitled a Mass on Beat, but will be a pure nostalgia for those born a day before yesterday when in ’69 after coming back from the UK gave their first concert at the time being so-called Youth Park, the one and only huge open-air venue where thousands of youngsters grew up on modern music in Budapest.

The list would be far too  long to mention all the artists, groups and bands, but worthwhile to mention here a couple .. Scooter, Omega band, Magdi Rúzsa,  TNT, Little Stars (Kis Csillag), Hobo … celebration his 70 years anniversary, Bon – Bon and Heaven Street Seven will hold their farewell party. Arista, Groups, Bands  date – timing who will be on stage  can be followed in English language at:

Also has been said… this year will be smaller reconstruction changes, especially in-and-around the visual world and in spaces,  as:  in addition to the main stage at 900 square meters at the „Park Dance Arena”. For those who wish to be at the atmosphere of the house party can hoover over to the „Retro Garden”. The „Bunker” ensuring for young contemporary artists showcase opportunity!  Even though in Hungary school’s out in July and start in September, the children will not be forgotten to have their time by visiting the  programs at the Pöttöm Kert (Midge Garden).

Update and snaps: Aggie Reiter

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