XV. Grand Chapitre – Youth Chef World Championship – Budapest 2015

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Press conference was held on February, 9. 2015. at the confectionery Gerbeaud in Budapest, whereas the board of members to the forthcoming XV. Grand Chapitre gave update to the media and press representatives about Youth Chef World Championship 2015 to be organized in Budapest.

The Chaine des Rotisseurs General Assembly in Paris on July, 12. 2014. decided and approved the host country to be Hungary for the XV. International Young Chefs  World Championship competition in 2015.

The Chaine des Rotisseurs gastronomic company was founded in 1248 in France.

In January, 2. 1990., Hungarians registered and became members on of the Association of Amateur and Professionals,

… dealing with hospitality from the area of hotels, restaurants, chefs. These had to be natural individuals who are committed to the discerning, retaining the tradition of innovation, undertaking high level of international gastronomy, and of course keeping in mind the famous Hungarian traditions.

Katalin Pintér – Chaine des Rotisseurs home office manager welcomed the invited guests and the high number of press, media representatives and continued Q.: „The competition is designed as preparing the young chefs within more challenges. „A number of well-known chef had started their career on the podium at a junior race as:  Lazár Kovács – USA, Singapore – Zsolt Götz, Szabina Szulló Paris, Tamás Szél – South Africa, Ádám Csaba – Germany. Ákos Horváth – Golden Caviar took the fourth place. This year in the jury Hungary is represented by Áron Barka – Chef Continental Hotel Budapest.  The Chaine des Rotisseurs  Hungary’s organization will pick to participate at  the world tournament after selected chef in the spring’s competition here in Hungary.” Arriving to the multi-day Grand Chapitre international meeting, 100 foreign Chaine members are expected in Budapest. Competitors from 5 continents from Europe to Australia and so forth and also the jury members will be presented and introduced our national traditions, tourist sights-and-sound and they can take home and share their impressions  about Hungary.”

Dr. David Terault, the member of the World Organization brief introduced the Chaine des Rotisseurs world organization by saying … the organization holds its annual national championship and at the competition 20 young chefs under the age of 27 are onto the road to be World Champion. The World Association already have had organized 40 occasion World Cup for the young talented chef. The speciality at the Youth Chef World Championship is that the contestants are not to prepare the menu in their practicing way. The host country ensures the high quality raw materials and ingredients in a so-called “black box”. As a surprise the contestants on the spot find out the ingredients have to cook a three-course menu within 4 hours. The 12 members of the jury are not aware of the competitors names, nor their nationality. Three-member jury monitors in the kitchen and analyzes the competitors skills, technology, hygienic, economical use, raw materials in use and a lot of other aspects that are int he regulation. At the end of the four hours cooking, the nine-member jury takes a look at the food as its spectacle, comes the tasting and as well as evaluating the flavors, and monitors the usage of the required ingredient materials.

The Economy Ministry provided significant financial support, bringing under the umbrella this significant even, so said Ádám Ruszinkó – Assistant Secretary of State for the Ministry of National Economy, also continued by saying, Q.: “Hungary has been placed on the world map of gastronomy, but each and every  news strengthen the country’s culinary image. In the meantime has grown to become gainfully self-employed. The software and hardware both are also available  to start the competition in Budapest.  The dedicated professionals and high-quality raw materials will be present at the event.”

Dr. David Terault, is the member of the World Organization 25 Board of Directors, the Youth Chef World Championship Committee, also chairman of the jury, the president of the Canadian Chaine Association.  One of the main factor to organise the event of  Youth Chef World Championship in Budapest was the question the kitchen facility and the METRO Trade Ltd., served the answer by being the professional partner joining the competition whom will ensures the venue with fully equipped kitchen facilities at the METRO Gastro Academy. Also was told,  that the students of the Budapest Business College will be in hand to give needed support during the  events. During his visit  his target is to control the competitive technical terms at the METRO Gastro Academy and attend at meetings due to the organizational tasks.

Asking Dr. David Terault,  in person,  heard he had been filling 11 years this role, so many places already attended at the “best young chef around the world”. What was his experience, which countries have the best young chefs? He said: Q.: “Germany had five chefs in the roll having achieved first place and the chefs from the Scandinavian countries are pretty talented. Each year have also earned a place on the podium at the championships. Those chefs who have reach the point to be here are very gifted. The competition in deed  is to raise the future chef generation. The most important project in this field is to organize local competitions and giving chance for the winners to reach the international stage of chefs.”  One of the main factor to organise the event of  Youth Chef World Championship in Budapest was the question the kitchen facility and the METRO Trade Ltd., served the answer by being the professional partner joining the competition. Ensures the venue with fully equipped kitchen facilities at the METRO Gastro Academy. The students of the Budapest Business College will be in hand to give needed support during the competition events added Dr. Terault.

Based on the experience of previous years, the printed and electronic media will be present. The event will be broadcasted by live video approx. 6 hours through the Internet that can be viewed in English and Hungarian expert commentaries. Web viewers will be taken on a tour to see, learn Hungary’s places to stay, excellent products, such as the gray cattle, wild meat, liver, fish, paprika, and organic food, excellent wines, pálinka, restaurants, hotels.

During the XV. Grand Chapitre and the ceremonial announcement of results will take place on September, 12. 2015 a Gala Dinner at the Hilton Hotel in Budapest.

The Hungarian Baillages will celebrate the 25th Anniversary during the XV. Grand Chapitre to be organised between September, 10-13. 2015. The organisers are committed in making this Grand Chaptre event full of experience for each-and-every  to competitors, locals and arriving from abroad, members of the jury, international guests to have unforgettable memories being a part at the Youth Cook World Championship, also remembering  the gastronomical event and Hungary’s culture and history.

Before the end of the press conference Péter Iván Novák – president of the Chaine Association Hungary called the Hungarian professional members to signed the Youth Chef World Championship Agreement being in co-operation to the forthcoming successful Youth Chef World Championship.

Update and snaps by Aggie Reiter

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