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Angyal István Park  – District, IX. – Budapest

A new and modern social place for a livable and likeable city.

With the support of the Municipality of Budapest the Angyal István Park in District, IX., of Budapest has been refurbished with the joint effort within the scope of the Swedish Sustainability Program, supported by the Swedish Embassy, Business Sweden, and Swedish companies operating in Hungary.

The purpose of the reconstruction of Angyal István Park was to create biodiversity, sustainable park. To enrich the ecological and visual diversity of the city landscape, almost twenty domestic, drought-tolerant, and city-proof plants with energy-efficient maintenance have been planted. Thanks to the varied urban vegetation planted here, people can enjoy the proximity of nature at yet another busy location in the city.

The paper plane installation in the park is a memorial for István Angyal, the hero of the 1956 revolution, after whom the park was named.  The plane displays a few lines from his last letter to his friend, István Eörsi.

At the ceremony Anna Boda, Chargé d’affaires a.i. of the Embassy of Sweden in Budapest said: Quote: “I am especially happy to see that this park has been refurbished in the spirit of sustainability, thanks to the unique cooperation between the Hungarian and the Swedish state and private companies. This is another extraordinary step towards a greener and more sustainable urban lifestyle”

Also was present Deputy Mayor Dr. Gábor Bagdy  who said the following, Quote:  “The management of the city has created a vision of a city that is as green, friendly, and beautiful as can be. It is important to us to make sure that the people living here and foreigners alike see Budapest as a city sizzling with social life and developing dynamically. I hope that the renovation of Angyal István Park is another step in this direction.”

A modern social place with WiFi hotspot coverage has been established at the corner of Üllői Road and Ferenc Boulevard, to allow anybody with a suitable device … a smart phone or tablet … to use the internet for free. Easily comprehensible information signs help those getting acquainted with the world of smartphones and the internet.

About the Swedish Sustainability Program …The main goal of the Swedish Sustainability Program, supported by the Swedish Embassy, Business Sweden, and numerous Swedish companies operating in Hungary, is the dissemination of an environmentally conscious way of life and thinking, and the establishment of a sustainable urban environment.

Snaps provided by Business Sweden

Update by Aggie Reiter

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