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Enjoy a choice of plenty having a Royal Fest for a civic price!

During October 13  and 19. 2014.

The reservation starts off to-day!

 The 50 Best Hungarian Restaurant” with a Michelin recommendation and 100 top mid-range restaurants as well. 

To-day,  National Restaurant Week held a  press luncheon in the noontime at the La Perle Noire restaurant.  However, before speaking about the menu just in brief some thought shared at the press call, whereas András Gendur – La Perle Noire restaurant manager, chef – Péter Pataky  Károly Balogh – owner and chef of the restaurant ICON from Debrecen, Hubert Hlatky-Schichter  – owner and manager of the KIOSK restaurant in Budapest  and Zoltán Kiss – organizer “National Restaurant Week” – presenter recommending restaurants. During the announcement of the newly joining restaurants also  was mentioned about the whereabouts of the ingredients saying, from the veggies to the meat are all from homeland farmers  said by András Gender adding, this is a family owned Hungarian-French bistro restaurant, and regularly has wine stewards who are trained and knowledgeable wine professional. Károly Balogh – ICON Restaurant talked about the famous „Debreceni pair” sausage, saying Quote: „According to historians, the Debreceni sausage bears the name of the city. The creator is unknown, because it was made accidentally and not by a single person several centuries ago, but ask any Hungarians wherever they live around the world about them knowing what the Debreceni pair sausage means, their eyes will surely twinkle. To-day pair passages known form, flavor are produced by civic town butchers, and the Company grouped in food preparation. Hopefully in the near future the Debrecen pairs will be hopefully  in list of Hungarikums.”  Surely a Hungarian speciality, because it is hardly to name a city else in particular than Hungary where the Debreceni pair name is listed at a local butcher shop in Detroit as well as in Sydney or in any Italian or French butcher shops to have the exact, originally prepared sausage even though these two countries are known as  the gastronomy citadels.

Hubert Hlatky-Schichter – KIOSZK  said: Quote: „One of the reasons preparing tasty meals is the key from where the ingredients are obtain, so  the characteristic tastes are brought from excellent raw materials which are from farms, small producers.”

Thereafter, Zoltán Kiss – organizers “National Restaurant Week” introduced a video presentation showing how easy it is to roll on the website and carry out a reservation. Must add here only through online is possible to make the reservations, no phone, no email! Therefore,  keep in mind all restaurants limits the number of sites: www.etteremhet.hu. Upon reservation, will receive a confirmation e-mail  of reservation to have been successful.

After the presentations the floor was full of spinning around with waiters. Bringing one-after-the-other the selection of the full menu of what to be expected for those guests who will make their reservation at this restaurant.  It would be hard to speak about all those wonderful flavors that we met by eye and by taste. Not far from saying, the chef surely became the 21st century’s conjure artists not just with flavors but in the art of food design.

This year for the second time  after  the season of Spring, the National Restaurant Week will be opening and welcoming beside local guests, tourists and foreigners living in Budapest and in many cities throughout the country to more than 100 top mid-range restaurants during the season of Fall. These restaurants will welcome „hunry people for not only Hungarian specialities, but Asia, Japan, Thai, Mexican food” between October 13  and 19, either lunch or supper meals in high quality in three-course  for just less than a quarter of the original price. Of course this does not mean the size of the meals are just bits-and-pieces of food. They are smaller portions than the original size, but nobody will leave their tables with empty stomach …that’s for sure! So the price of the menu will be 3300HUF which for many people can be easily affordable. The menu stands of 3-4 kind of starters, main course and dessert. The service fee is included, but this does not mean tips cannot be given, if the visitors were highly satisfied with the service and the menu.

Having the selection of heavenly Disznókő wines after each dish was from Mezőzombor vineyard at Tokaj which was brought by Zoltán Lesti – sales manager …  (Disznókő Estate –  was the first classified growth since 1732. Produces very fresh well-balanced sweet wines with rich ripe fruit. Especially recommended with blue cheese, desserts, oriental spicy dishes, foie gras, or simply on its own.)

Update and snaps by Aggie Reiter

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