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Date: September, 19 – 21. 2014.

Venue: City Park – Vajdahunyadvár – Budapest.

Opened  from 10 a.m.  – 6 p.m.

Free admission

We might think of the end of summer as a slow news season. Not so far … The Fish and Wildlife Festival at the Vajdahunyad Castle is arriving this coming week-end.

The historic center of the ongoing three-day festival will hopefully attract more and more foreigners staying, living in Budapest and the domestic visitors as well.

Throughout September, 19-20-21. 2014, in the heart of Budapest’s attractions in the City Park at the Vajdahunyad Castle will be held the Frist Fish and Wildlife Festival. The event will be held at the same time along  and close to the scene where the annual National Gallop  2014 will be present just an arm distant from each other.

While rolling along the festival,  must see and taste the regions seasoning of one of Hungary’s famous HUNGARICUM, the famous Hungarian fish soup.  There will be a lane on he site called the Budapest Street, whereas restaurants will be serving fish and seafood, sushi, pad thai noodles, caviar and fish & chips. In addition to the gourmet cuisine lovers, the professionals on Hunting and Fishing will have the opportunity to fiddle around in shopping and exchanging with other fellowmen and women  tools as: books, fisherman’s magazines, bows, binoculars, fishing rods, fishing boats, trophies, traditional costumes and all sorts of handy equipments.

On the market site truffles, wild garlic, oil, products of ragweed, fresh trout and trout creams, honey, jams made from forest fruits, juices and many other items will be available. More to visit … Mini Zoo of wildlife animals . .. Forest Market , just mentioning a couple of attractions  for the families with small and young children, especially for those of high interest to nature life, but live in cities and not been able to see these animals, only by visiting the Zoo. So children will surely find their pleasure at the Wildlife Park and the pond especially build on the spot for children in having fishing experience. Also to be acquainted with animals in the forest.

Hunter’s and Fishermen’r Fair is just around the  corner i.e. coming this week-end.: Street Food Restaurants  – Hungaricums – Wildlife Park – Forest Market all at one place to have timeout,  still enjoying the light ray of the Fall’s Season Sun for the whole family with small and young children,   and long time non seen friends to gather and enjoy  spending time together during the week-.end.

What to expect at this festival … A range of two hundred kind of Hungarian and fish and seafood arriving from abroad. Speaking about fish … the  highlight of the Festival will most probably be preparing and cooking Hungary’s   famous Fish soup Ala’Szeged which will be cooked in  quantity of  5000 litter and  as to be the largest ever cooked fish soup in a giant cauldron. Fish consumption has been for centuries part of the Hungarian gastronomy, it is also an essential part of to-day’s feast meals.

Another  purpose of arranging this fair is to show the visitors the most basic materials found in the forest food and its beneficial effects. The wild animals  meat (deer, roe deer, wild boar) is much richer in proteins, vitamins and minerals than any regular meat at the shops and market halls and is without any growth hormone and other materials. Therefore, the consumption of wild meat is very healthy. Visitors will have the opportunity to taste these meals prepared of the wild animals of the forest  such as:  pleasant, rabbit, deer, wild boar, venison specialties at the Street Food restaurants. The unique specialities  cannot be left alone without the excellent local wines, pálinka served at the beer houses and pálinka stands.

Update and snaps by Aggie Reiter

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