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Hungarians were spoiled by our superb swimmers at the European Swimming Championship in 2012 … whereas the 9 Gold, 10 Silver and 7 Bronze were in our swimmers neck before the London’s Olympic  Games. That was the BEST Hungarian performance ever said, never-the-less …

We all wished to be spoiled again in 2014!

 Where: Baltonfüred (Lake Balaton) – Hungary

When: During during September, 5 to 7. 2014.

The International Swimming Federation (FINA) unfortunately had to change venue from Eilat – Israel because of the unsteady situation at the settlements in the Israel. Balatonfüred – Hungary was awarded this year to organize the World Junior Open Water Swimming Championships. Also added it was overwhelming to hear this  result as Balatonfüred having beating behind countries as Dubai – UAE,  Setúbal – Portugal and Barcelona – Spain .

This new situation was out just 40 days  previously to the World Cup, but the organizers were optimistic that the championship will be like floating on smooth waters said Tamás Gyárfás – president of the Hungarian Swimming Federation, FINA Vice President opened words were at this morning’s press conference.  Quote: “It is heartwarming to have the waresome champions on the spot  here to-day at the press conference at  the Margaret Island – Thermal Hotel and having high hopes to have same great  swimmers in the future generations. Continued …  “It was an enormous value of having present the recently winning 3-3 European Championship gold medals in both the long László Czech and Katinka Hosszú at Debrecen.” Katinka said,  she does not wish to predict in any numerical predictions, but she will be up to do her best. László Czech treble is not basically the goal, but will do his best  to ensure to outbreaks of the series reached since 2004 receiving and continuing in having in the gold in the coming days at the German capital. With Daniel Gyurta talked through a telephone connection and   there were other excellence at the press conference. Gyárfás  added: Quote “We can be proud and show the examples to the young ones heading into the pools in having their dreams come true.”

Tamás Gyárfás emphasized that it was a huge advantage in decision in  having  the Junior international Swimming World Cup in Hungary after the awesome success at the water polo European Championship in Hungary, whereas d the FINA superiors of eight  visited  the venue a month ago and already learn the success housing the European Association’s second series of the open water swimming Europe Cup. Therefore  managed to quickly reconcile István Boka – major of the city of Balatonfüred.

According to László Kiss, the swimmers coach admitted, five gold medals is a result to be satisfied. The goal is to maintain their place in the medal table at the leading edge, after all, the Euro-ken regularly managed to close down in the top three which also was reached  recently in 2012 Debrecen … straight out of the lead in the Hungarian national team.

On the Lake Balaton will be 21 vessels, including the  water policing and rescue vessels will be  are watching  over the Lake.  Insuring the health care, the Oxyteam’s  senior doctor  Dr. Tibor Nagy  will be present throughout the swimming games,  said István Bóka – major Balatonfüred.   Impressing view will be supported by The Telekom with giant projectors placed on the coast to spot more and more what is happening at Balatonfüred at the Lake.

Gábor Gellért – open-water coach announced at the press conference junior swimmers from Australia onwards from Syria to Italy, including the Chinese,  Kazakhs and  Americans are joining the event.

The junior’s will be divided in two age groups (14-16 years and 17-18 years), boys and girls will take the plunge in races of 5km for the youngest category and 7.5km for the oldest.

Entries deadline date: August 10, 2014.

Apart from individual events, a 3km Team Event composed of three swimmers will be also organised for both age categories.

Last but not least, Gyárfás noted that the purpose of the competition is also a  kind of test to treated as if  it would be the great World Cup year of 2021. Also those who return home from leaving Hungary say: “Hungary was fantastic hosts and might want to come back more frequently to be at prestigious events!

 Update and snaps by Aggie Reiter

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