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Media representatives were invited  by the owners of the “VITÉZ” chimney cake to gain experience how to prepare one of the most popular Hungarian sweets.

This was the  2nd Vitéz Chimney cake blogger’s picnic arranged on Monday, July, 28.2014.

The invitation to the picnic  was to  the peninsula  name: Kopaszi Dam  – Kopaszti Gát at the Don Pelican buffet. So ….  on a so-called sunshine day was the picnic day for the media volunteers to create their own unique chimney cake. Had on the spot al-sorts of ingredient, as cinnamon, walnut, vanilla, Choco bits-and-pieces, coconut, dried sour cherries – blueberries and many more Transylvanian delicacies. We were told to do it just the way we like. For most of us, having the ins and outs of baking a chimney cake wasn’t a problem, because the helping hands were there by Tünde András – marketing manager of the Vitéz Chimney Cake to led our fingers in preparing the sweetie. The Csilla Tatár moderator – TV2 riporter who also came to learn  how to do it was with us. She told us she ain’t so good in baking, somehow things do not work out for her, especially when she wish to deal with yeast and milk or to prepare sourdough.  So Tünde gave us the instruction and step-by-step we started to prepare our own chimney cake. Folks with kids stopped over, hanged  around the lane and watched our industrious hands. As they asked, they could also join in baking. Last but not least, thanks to the members of the „Vitéz”  professional supporting team, we all had the chance to learn the secrets in baking our own chimney cake. In between baking the chimney cake, having snacks and cool drinks, sport was not neglected. Those guests who felt they could do a little move around  could go down the bank where at the Danube-conquering Team Warrior Chimney kayak team awaited for those interested in a little rowing ,but unfortunately from up above signs came and did not take too long! It was a real picnic atmosphere, lovely scenery on the banks of the peninsula. Started with a beautiful day relaxing by the River Danube, but did not take too long, high humidity and the heavy curtains of clouds slowly but surely were above us and before we realized came the stormy winds and hell pouring rain! Luckey, it only stayed for a half-hour  and  by then we all baked our own chimney cakes and we were told to take them if we please to do so.

Update and snaps Aggie Reiter

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