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An organized visit for the media representatives traveled  this morning to the City of Szarvas to join together with the local 6th grade elementary school kids to the Mini Hungary which lays at the Arboretum at Szarvas which has previously opened its gate to the breathtaking beautiful architectural, interesting museums, historical monuments. It is the latest, hottest and spectacular Eastern Europe’s venue not to be missed. At the press presentation Mr. Béla Bukovinszky project leader and the Director at the Arboretum both gave a short introduction about Szarvas … the Arboretum …  Mini Park, as the „New icon of Szarvas”,  the modelland as the geometrical center of the historical area of Hungary by saying: Quote: ” The Arboretum of Szarvas with its model park, known as Mini Hungary have had already highly more visitors than expected previously. The number of overnight stays increased by 23%, showing 3-times above the national average. The country’s sole interactive model park planned and set to extend with 50 more new multimedia models, mini boats and trains. Kids and adults once having railway tracks and trains at home are going to love the emblematic old-style coaches as they are rumbling around the skirts on the mini racetracks. The legendary boat, by which Nándor Fa travelled around the Earth, the mini St Jupat is going to sail the waves on the mini lake in the park at the Szarvas Arboretum. Permanent developments are taking place and by the end of this year the Mini Hungary will feature one hundred sophisticated models representing Hungary’s emblatic buildings.” Also added some figures to the Mini Hungary, Quote: „Twelve experts created in cooperation with acclaimed fine artists this superb land that took them 9 months. The buildings over the past months had their test surviving in the extreme weather conditions. Tested – Proved to resist against the -20C and +40C.

Naturally it would take a couple of chapters to mention a word-or-two of all the buildings, so in brief  below are some details of a couple of extraordinary buildings … Hungarian State Opera House – Budapest …One of the most significant national monuments int he Capital.  The Opera House was constructed by artists and craftsmen based on the blueprints of Miklós Ybl in the 19th Century. At the opening ceremony took place on September, 27. 1884., and  the Emperor of Austria Franz Josef attended the grand opening. The orchester was conducted by the less famous Háry János from Zoltán Kodály Castle of Diósgyőr – Miskolc … the castle was built-in the 13th century, during the era of King Lajos Nagy. It was built as the magnificent Gotic Royal Castle. To visit the castle for seeing the knights tournament with the middle-age costume can be twice a year during the Diósgyőr Castle Games. … The Castle of Eger was built-in the 1260s as a Gothic bishop’s Palace. It became one of the most historical scene in the16th century when in 1552 was defended led by István Dobó against the invasion of the Othman Empire army. … The Grassalkovics Castle –  Gödöllő stand since 1740 and is one of the largest Baroque castle in Hungary. During the Austro-Hungarian Empire Maria Theresa and the Hungarian Queen Elisabeth, a.k.a. Sisi often stayed therewith her husband Emperor France Josef.Széchényi Bath – Budapest …is the largest mineral water bath in Budapest and also in Europe more to it is also bares the warmest mineral water in Europe. The bath was constructed in historic eclectic style based on the plans of Győző Czigler and was opened in 1913. … The Steam Locomotuve „HEVES” with tender – 1846 … The locomotive was the first steam train in Hungary. It rolled the tracks by the operation of the Hungarian Central Railway Co. from 1846.  Hungary’s first locomotive was constructed at the Belgian Cockerill “plant factory”. … The original Esterháza Palace Fertőd, Hungary, just an arm distance away from Austria. The graceful Palace is often called the “Hungarian Versailles”. It was built upon the plans of  Prince Miklós Esterházy. Here at the Mini Hungary can be seen in its splendor. … The Church of Ják is the most significant historical monument built by the Ják clan in the 13th century having the late Gothic style. The foundation of the clan’s castle and donjon, erected in the Árpád Dynasty‘s period. … The Thermal Lake – Héviz is the best known warm water lake in Europe. The turf thermal lake is a boiling lake which was already popular in the Roman Age, which indicates that the lake has minimum 2000 years history. … The Csiky Gergely Theater  – Kaposvár … one of the  largest theaters in Hungary. The curtains rolled up for the first time in 1911 presenting the operetta „The Gypsy Baron”. The Art Nouveau building was designed by Ede Magyar, a.k.a. „The Hungarian Gaudi”. … The Búcsúszentlászló train station was existed, listed in the timetable since 1871. We had a superb professional guide around the Arboretum by introducing in a couple of words the Arboretum land which lies on a 82-acres site, close to the River of Körös. In the early 1880 Count Pál Bolza began in planting the large-scale of plants. His dream was procured many rare species of plants from the four corners of the Earth. The huge collection of wooden stalk plants includes more than 1600 different types of specialities. Besides the plants, several species of animals live in the gardens, including special birds and a family of 50 peacocks with the treasure of having one albino peacocks. Unfortunately, couldn’t have a glance on any, probably hiding away from the visitors, but the sound of the peacocks filled the air. The Arboretum has the one-and-only …….. oldest tree, which over 140 years old. The Arboretum is filled with peace and a perfect place to hide away from the city’s busy traffic and spend an outstanding week-end at the countryside to charge-up at the surroundings of nature and walk on by the awesome building at the Mini Hungary. Szarvas mini park model opened a year ago. he country’s largest arboretum. Both complex already had 72 thousand visitors last year. After a couple of hours wandering  around visitors may currently view almost Hungary’s entire outstanding sights with the touch of interactive experiences.

Often outdoor school hours are held here. Often are held excursions for pensioner club members and of course spending a week-end, or just a day, enjoying nature in the Peaceland of nature with family and friends is a great tour to know  and see the sophisticated sites of Hungary. At this unique Peace Island the press individuals surely recharged themselves in their rushing days having experiencing, enjoying the management and stuff’s dream coming true. The Arboretum and the Mini Hungary model park is open daily from 8 a.m. until the sun goes down. The ticket box open from 8 a.m. – 6.30 p.m. The opening hours of the Arboretum shop is from 9 a.m. – 5 p.m. Inside the area to have some refreshments and a bite can be visited from 9 a.m. – 5 p.m. Adult entry ticket price to the arboretum is 900HUF  and 900HUF  into the Mini HungARY. For kids above  3 years old, students and pensioners 650HUF  visiting the Arboretum and 650HUF to the Mini Hungary. The Arboretum and Mini Hungary’s  coming up programs: Saturday, April, 19 “Family day at the Arboretum” …Reaching the season of Easter, the families are invited to attend at the  “eggs game” at the Botanical Garden held in the Green Future program series. Ten eggs will be hidden and have to search to find them. This event is a gesture by the organizers to The Earth Day. Those tracing the eggs will receive small gifts. The egg hunt starts at 9 – 5 p.m. There will be walking tours for the visitors led by professionals at Forest Park open from 11 a.m. – 15 p.m. Sunday, April, 20 “Little Bunnies” at the Arboretum. While the parents are considering to the purchase plants at the Arboretum shop’s garden for the small ones bunny shows will be on. Monday, April, 21 .. “Stroking Pets” … rabbits, chicks will be presented in front of the Guesthouse at the Arboretum. By all means I wish to share with my readers it is more than worthwhile to visit the Arboretum and the Mini Hungary which is open throughout the year… so … the Mini Hungary is growing day-by-day … take a look whenever your around the area or target the City of Szarvas and make your day in Natureville!

Update and snaps by Aggie Reiter

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