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 Had attended  at the HONDA Wilker Ltd. in Fót at the presentation of the former junior European Championship silver medalist, the Hungarian Dávid Juhász multi-speed motor racing champion. It seems that over the years  David Juhász kept his dream alive and now he can finally make it to this season to convert his dream into reality by bursting into the top with the support in racing in the colors of the newly founded Moto One Honda.  

His new “assistance” the SP HONDA CBR1000RR Superbike racing engine and  his racing team was introduced. At the presentation heard about his own and his team’s plans, objectives for this coming year.  As he said, he will be racing in the series of the Alpen Adria, IMRC, Hungarian Championship. His target is in taking the first place on the roads. It takes two and to achieve this dream and he expressed he is honored  to participate at the EUs  races with his new engine. As David said, this superbike cannot be compared to any motorbikes he had previous entered the racing field. This is the not just an ordinary tool,  but a true companion  for him in hurtling at the  racing circus. This is the 21st. century’s superbike and he will do everything  in his power to give the engine the power it needs to hit the road.

József Balogh, David’s manager was once an active Hungarian engine rider. As he said he never reached to be a professional racers, but being on the road was the best thing in his life. As he said he realized early, he is to be a better Hungarian, than competing as a Hungarian. Balogh spoke about knowing David since he was one years old and seeing him on the  bike at the age of three. At the time being I already saw David’s talent and later on experienced this young lad has what it takes, count on him and is prepared to take support him on the long-term. David is still young of age, born in 1992. On his engine his  birth year stands as „92”. David told me in a way he is kinda superstitious and therefore is with him at each race his cabala which he received at the age of one.  When something it is needed to be renewed, then his mother takes care of it. His mother makes a cross on his forehead when she attend the races in Hungary.  David does this alone every time when the competition takes place abroad and also says a short pray.. Most probably every racer has their own way … something minutes before the tournament.

His parents were active athletics. His sister and brother also inherited the athletic genes. A real sporty family. His father as a motorbike rider always supported him and gave advises to David’s  motor racing. To the Q. „Whose was the last word between the two of them?” David said it was mine, by saying O.K. Dad! David’s girlfriend  is in accompany him to every race. He has high hopes that with this super group and Honda engine he will reach the World Championship. Getting close to the end of the presentation, David said, Quote: „Don’t wish to speak too much about the coming races, because right now seeing the superb Honda, I would most likely to sit on the engine and let the power go.

Do not have to wait for too much time, because Dávid Juhász first joint action with his new Honda, starts this weekend at the Slovakiaring – the 2014 IMRC and Hungarian league season!

Update and snaps by Aggie Reiter

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