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District IX., 11-12 Fővám Square – Budapest.

Finally Spring is knocking on our door to say move out and enjoy the ray of the sun, but more to it Budapest is holding for the first time  „The Big Danube Bank Picnic”.  This will be a 4 days adventure having  much to see and taste at the  „Bálna” – „Whale” Center, standing  aside at the River Danube.  This festival  is basically filled with traditional Hungarian yummies, as the Hungarian fish soup – mild and bloody hot – as you like it and more  dedicates. Of course  after a fine meal the Hungarian hand craft beers and other beverages will spice up your day. During the 4 days festival exotic dishes will be to taste, just like the fried crocodile  and another cheeky taste, the kangaroo stew. The granulity hunters: spices, wine, pálinka, sausage … you name it …. looking for Hungarian special flavors will surely find what they are looking for.

Be ready in the forthcoming 4 days to visit these rich programs …  for the new starters  to gain experience with the wooden spoon to cook their  own tasteful delights will be an organized fish cooking  competition. As for the culture … theater performances, pop concerts and a street party will fill the air, here just mentioning a couple of  to be in interest.

On the  first  day … Thursday shoots off  with Hungarian food of all kind with the prices reduced to 50%. This is connected in having  once or twice/year the Hungarian tradition for now existing a couple of years, the so-called: „Gluttonous Thursday”.  On Saturday – Ladies Day … celebrating  the International Women’s Day where and when they will be enjoying the sophisticated surprises. Throughout Sunday  the  Eco-center from Poroszló will be holding a presentation on indigenous and the modern varieties of  fish.

In addition to the Fish Bazaar at the „Bálna – Whale”  an exhibition can be seen of hand-carved models of Budapest, several paintings and photographers. For the small kids a  playroom, drawing-room and an exhibition titled „Sky” can be visited.

Enjoy time out at this coming week-end in Budapest.

The entrance is free of charge.

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