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Eight million Hungarian Forint, donated by Procter & Gamble to domestic junior hockey teams and sports developments.

P & G products with the purchase of future Olympic champions.

During The late morning hours on February, 26. media representatives were called to a press conference held by the representatives of the Procter & Gamble, Tesco Hungary and the Hungarian Olympic Committee. It was a special day for the junior hockey members gathering from  nationwide with 5 teams. Their clubs received a grant of a total of eight million HUF of support to purchase new sports tools, equipments and for expansion in developing the club’s sport facilities.

The P & G existence is present for over 175 years  and has developed the largest campaign of the Thank-you Mom! program. It had  implemented within the framework of which the company’s enduring tribute to their support, commitment and dedication  to the mothers. P & G  in addition to their support the initiative of the Hungarian hockey supply has set aside cca. 25 million USD to support the youth sports. As a result of the program, the company has provided the world with around eight million USD in grants through its brands. Bencze Szabó, MOB – former Hungarian fencer, who has won four Olympic medals in the sabre competitions. He told a story of his own experience by saying , Quote: “When I started fencing my trainer said to me, I am giving you 90% of knowledge, you put 10% of  yourself in the game. When I won my first Olympic Game my trainer told me, now you are at 90% of your knowledge and I am 10% in supporting you.” This example was for the young ice hockey players to keep in mind as to reach the high level in hockey player.

The awarded teams were by previously selected on the basis of the Hungarian Olympic Committee MOB. The five national junior ice hockey teams received a symbolic check of the amount of eight million Hungarian Forint supported by the Procter & Gamble, Tesco Hungary and the MOB leaders and the Campaign Sporting Ambassador, Mr. Levente Szuper.

Returning from Sochi XXI Winter Olympic Games, Gábor Milan Szabó – cross-country the P & G Thank you Mom ! campaign sports ambassador was present with his mother, Maria Anna Szabó, who was by the support of the P & G  present at Sochi with Milan, her husband and her elder son. As Milan recalled it was special day for him and gave him mighty support having his family at his finish. Gave a lot of energy, nothing can be compared to it. The athlete at the press conference received from the representative of the P & G a unique, custom-made Hungarian flag. As Milan had a glance on it, much to his surprise saw sms messages written to him. The greeting and cheer messages were copied from the P & G community site written by Milan fans during the Games.

The awarded little buddies team were by previously selected on the basis of the MOB – Hungarian Olympic Committee.The five national junior ice hockey teams received a symbolic check of the amount of eight million HUF supported by the Procter & Gamble, Tesco Hungary, the MOB leaders and the Campaign Sporting Ambassador, Mr. Levente Szuper.

The press gathering ended by the P & G Mini Cup game. After the press conference,  HC Kiskörös Ice Knights – Veszprém, Seals of the Crescent – Jászberény and the mighty KSI – Budapest  ice hockey team members, aged between 6 to 8 shown a 4 minute demo of their game. On the spot we witnessed their talent and knowledge and at the end of the five team’s game in the context of their knowledge the P & G awarded them with a Mini Cup medalLevente Szuper – former ice hockey goalie, to-day  works as a manager at one of Budapest’s  junior hockey club. Milán Gábor Szabó rewarded every player with the symbol of the P & G Mini Cup gold medal. The 6 to 8 years junior players were moved and watched each other with eyes wide open as the gold medal were handed over and each one-by-one was told perseverance encouraged to believe in themselves that one day they too will be an athlete, the future Olympians, who will say thank-you to their mother for all the support and care they received on the road to sport.

The press conference was presented by P & G consumer promotion program of short films, which the “Thank you Mom” campaign this year’s critically acclaimed film, “Back To Pick Them Up!  – “Never to give up”. The film shows the everyday life of a sporty little ice hockey student in the company of Levente  Szuper. At the same time should not be missing the most important message of “Thank you Mom!” Yes, the sporty family is huge wherever you go around the world. An athlete’s life play a major role in the parents., especially the caring Mother! The Mother’s heart and soul will be always beating as one with her child. When they are small, the mother is the one to hand the good-night hot chocolate – wishing sweet dreams. When they grow up and out at games the mother is there supporting the „grown up child” by encourage,  persistent support, devotion, emotion, care and cheers. Of course the whole family in capital letters is also half way to success.

P&G Thank You, Mom:

Here comes 3 short videos added to this update, whereas the little ice hockey buddies play their demo match:

Update, snaps, video by Aggie Reiter

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