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For those who could  not have had made it or was present at the Syma Sport and Event Center and like Figure Skating may wish to recall some of the highlights of the Europeans  in Budapest here is an upcoming report:

Over  now of the official  two days practice and  here comes the competition … the ice rink was ready awaiting for the Europeans to show their best.  OPENING CEREMONY  …   Was rather short, took 30 minutes with the participating countries flags floating around the ice rink, held by the young Hungarian emerging skater generation. At the opening ceremony Lajos Kósa, the president of HNSF said the following, Quote: “Ten months after following the successfully arranged World Short Track Speed Skating Championships at the City Debrecen, we are pleased to welcome for the 7th time the ISU European Figure Skating Grand Prix. The Hungarian National Skating Federation (HNSF) again faces new challenges, but having an experienced staff handling the event, will surely give a helping hand to the organisation and the competitors in many ways. Having to have been chosen the venue this time again is an acknowledgment of our work. Also dedication of our decades for the development of skating within the ISU.”  During the opening ceremony Balázs Havasi composed especially for the opening ceremony music called  “Storm”.  The opening ceremony’s ice show was highly appreciated by the audience. Within the awesome show starred Julia Sebestyén, winner at the last Europeans Figure Skating Grand Prix organized just about ten years ago here in Budapest.  Before getting into the ice rink … absolutely understandable by nature for us Hungarians the pumping heartbeat  minutes  will be at the Hungarian young ones.

LADIES’ SHORT PROGRAM … After the warm-up came the best lady skaters of Europe entering with their sharpened skates into the ice podium. Alena Leonova – RUS skated to a Russian traditional music which perfectly suited her style, she was cool.  Mae Berenice Meite – FRA, Mae even though she has the looks of a athletics, jumped high and her speed and spins were absolutely  awesome as she probably planned. She admitted she was a bit nervous slipping on the ice having to have to skate after Carolina Kostner and after her comes Adelina Sotnikova – RUS, the two grand skaters, but after all she had nothing to worry about at the end earning her 5th place out of 37 competitors. Carolina Kostner – ITA,  overwhelmed the Budapest’s audience by her grace and elegance in skating to the music of “Ave Maria” at her short program. Her dress in shades of blue with loads of sparkling Svarovski crystals was simply awesome.. Adelina Sotnikova – RUS most probably had an eye on her two strongest competitors Julia Lipnitskaia and Carolina Kostner knowing that the two of them are also fighting for the first place.  Julia Lipnitskaia– RUS took her role on ice very seriously with a perfect set of truly complicated jumps. Lipnitskaia, was second behind compatriot Sotnikova after the short program.

ICE DANCE SHORT PROGRAM … After the Ice Dance short program: Gold medal was handed over to Anna Cappellini – Luca Lanotte – ITA, Silver medal won by Elena Ilinyikh – Nikita Kasalapov – RUS. Bronz medal was received by the superb pair Penny Coomes – Nicholas Buckland GBR.

MEN’S SHORT PROGRAM …The men skaters were pretty much expecting to have tough fights on ice with the Spanish defending champion and with the three-time French Championship gold medalist Brian Joubert.  Joubert won his first title in Budapest ten years ago. Groups of fans especially came to see and cheer for Brian Joubert. The audience greeted by loud cheers to Tomas Verner – CZE as he rolled on ice and throughout his show.  The audience held their breath as Javier Fernandez held his short program. You could even hear the sizzling blade on ice when the cheers were kept for a second. The Spaniard was trying to defend his European title. All-in-all, Javier seemed determined to keep his European Crown for another year. It’s not a question of the other superb men skaters as:  Brian Joubert, Florent Amodio, Maxim Kovtun, Michal Brezina and so forth, who absolutely wish to fight for their own Victory on ice. Yakov Godrozha‘s from Ukraine short program show was something to have not to be missed. His blades were excellently smoothing on and above the ice. Kristóf Forgó – HUN, 20 years old athlete, skates from the age of four. In free skating he reached the required score at the beginning of the current seasons. His wish upon a star is to be here in Budapest within one the 24 athletes. but this time he  gained the 30th place. His coach Zoltán Tóth highlighted Forgó’s summer preparation by saying, Quote: “He participated at a two-week summer training camp in Russia with Alexei Mishin’s team, his choreography has been prepared by another Russian, Alexei Vasilevski.” At the Men’s short program  three winners were  1st. Javier Fernández – ESP, 2nd Sergei Voronov – RUS, 3rd. Tomas Verner – CZE.

PAIRS  SHORT PROGRAM … Aliona Savchenko – Robin Szolkowy – GER stood in the second place at the Short Program, but unfortunately Savchenko’s flu held them back in continuing the competition. Israeli’s Andrea Davidovich and Evgeni Krasnopolski skated into the ice rink as the tenth competitors. They we the audience favorites, loudly cheering at their perfect show. Andrea and Evgeni held their  first place within three quarters of skaters already on ice after their short program. Then came on ice the  4th quarter in the row of the extra talented skaters and by the end of the short program they finished at the 11th place. What a extra-ordinary show this was!

… To be continued …

Update and snaps by Aggie Reiter

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