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A three-day  sweet program in every sence on the week-end during December, 13-15. 2013.

The  Syma Hall,  calls all the visitors not just the sweet-tooth persons to the X. Hungoro Jewelry and Chocolate Fair. Special novelties will be present, like chocolate clay, chocolate coating, chocolate massage and learn about the chocolate making machines which all children and adults with a sweet tooth’s dream. Fine chocolate specialties in liquid and chocolate bars in all size and quantities, sweets, candy, Hollóházi  jewelry, mulled wine, sausages with Choco  aroma, Rákóczi chocolate and Pálinka World,  kids corner whereas plaster ornaments painting,  creating Xmas cards or jewelery and gift boxes can be made by their own two hands, Xmas lounge music throughout the day, and other excellent programs awaits the visitors. A grand place to do some shopping for any occasion for family members and friends. At the main stage live performance, concerts, dance shows entertain the visitors. The show goes on with Vera Tóth, Bálint Gajer and Non-Stop band, Dance studio show, introduces the Jamland, Salsa Caballeros, Rock and Magic and Starlight Dance school. The Hall will fill the air with music lounge presented by Dina & David Lamm duo. Stalls of hand-made quality jewelry, gold, silver and steel jewelry are also available ont he spot.

In between tasting the choco delights  having a visit to the jewelry stand of Holloházi Porcelán (China) will feed the eyes with pleasure.  The Hollóházi Porcelain Factory brought a selection of porcelain jewelry to the fair. The factory is well-know brand in Hungary and throughout the worldwide of its  grand collection of dishes, sets and soforth. Here at the fair came to introduce their newly producted hand-made porcelain jewelry collection under the Dike brand name. (Dike Goddess … In Greek mythology, the god of justice. Mortal born, but after leaving the land and the people sidereal changed.) The story of the goddess comes to life behind the concept as well in its jewelry collection. These pieces are of jewelry are a collection of bangles, pendants, earrings which are one-by-one designs of young contemporary artists. According to the factory, though porcelain raw material costs are far below the price of precious metals, the work invested in them is as valuable as gold or silver products. Anyone can find a delicate, feminine jewelry matching their taste. The porcelain combines traditional style with modern fashion world requirements.

History of the HOLLÓHÁZI PORCELAIN in a nutshell … The Hollóházi porcelain, bears the longest industrial history in Hungary. At the place where today the company’s buildings are started its works 225 years ago. The the factory lays int he landscape  among the hiding country’s eastern tip with small forests. The manufactory was developed in 1777 as a glass works, where primitive,  yet still nice glasses, bottles, glass jars were produced. In the beginning of the XIX.th century its glass industry flourished. Unfortunately, the raven home furnace fell away from the main traffic routes as for the glass manufacture  to maintain the raw materials  Came the time when a decision was made to make use of kaolin in the estate and in 1831 converted the furnace into stoneware factory. From the beginning  many tenants were at the head of the factory, but the first real boom occurred in 1857 and onwards.  The people working there prepared real works of art. The shapes and motifs were pasted from father to son, given down from hand to hand. The decorative arts and decorative arts of the XX. advent century appeared.

Enjoy this coming week-end with pleasure for the eye and taste.

Update and snaps by Aggie Reiter

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