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Figures of  local and foreigner visitors  each year  showed the high  interest  to this European and global art fair.


District, II., 16-20 Kis Rókus Street – Budapest.

In the late days of  April  the organizers of the annual Art Market Budapest held its press  announcement of this year’s fair to be held in November, so now is the time to spread the gathered information to the art lovers in Herald News to the forthcoming  event in Budapest. What actually the ART MARKET BUDAPEST stands for (?) …  it’s an  international art fair  which  represents  composition of unique artist’s works. The Art Market  Budapest was established  in the year 2011. and since then it has become during the late fall an international fair.  Yes, pretty young at age, yet already become well-known abroad, especially  in Europe. Art  Lovers may already know some of the artist’s works that have had been presented here in Budapest from other art fairs or exhibitors. Just like in the previous year’s this year again young art’s works will be introduced whom have had their works already shown in their local country’s galleries and fairs.

One of the main goal  to bring the young artists from Europe together at the  „ART MARKET BUDAPEST” is to show their new way of bringing upon surface their inspiration of culture in their own art work. This  artistic platform., as the organizers have had  often said, the Art Market Fair of Budapest is absolutely “Global and Local” at the same time! In the past two  years a total of 14 country’s galleries were present so far. This year  the number of  country’s galleries and exhibitor  will be presented by 20  countries  showing 500 works orf art in the main  building  and  in the park area along side  the Millennium buildings from: Austria, Czech Republic, Georgia, Croatia, Israel, Kazakhstan, Latvia, Germany, Hungary, Italy, Romania, Switzerland, Spain, Slovakia, Slovenia, Turkey, Ukraine.

This year  a major role will be in sculpting than spectacular, the sculpture will be presented.  The ART MARKET BUDAPEST  has become an annual get together meeting point in Budapest for art lovers. This platform welcomes all guests to a place where by rolling along the venue, the audience,  art lovers, collectors, experts can meet,  have a chat with the artists of our future  generation.

Patrons:  The Art Market Budapest is still the patron of the two outstanding personalities who are patrons of the fair since 2011: Nancy G. Brinker, art collector, former Chief of Protocol of the U.S. government, a former ambassador to Budapest, the Susan G. Head Komen Foundation, the World Health Organization Goodwill Ambassador and Foreign Minister Janos Martonyi.

VIP Program:  According to the Fair’s growing significant numbers of foreign visitors, for them the Art Market Budapest set up a VIP program services at the fair (guided tours, VIP Lounge, etc).  In addition presenting the national gastronomy, showing the young designer generation creators. also introduce the rich selection of major exhibitions in Budapest as well.

Inside Art:  The professional art Fair optional part of the panel discussion from the film and book presentation consisting of series that the MUSEUM CAFÉ professional assistance of a major international personalities involving professional help “more” about the contemporary art.

During the open hours the exhibition and the additional programs  can be visited  free of charge.

Based on the experience and feedback from the exhibitors from the past few years the market will be open every day from 11 a.m. until 8 p.m. On  Friday, November, 29  the fair closes later at 10 p.m.

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