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Getting deep into the fall, October still holds some light sunny days and many outdoor programs, taking part in the coming adventures.

This coming Thursday, October, 17., the City of Eger in honor of Géza Gárdonyi, the writer and the city’s former resident would have had been celebrating his 150th birthday anniversary. On this occasion the National Gárdonyi Memorial Day will take place with special programs.

This year on the anniversary of Géza Gárdonyi 150th birthday, there will be the placement of the time capsule at the Gárdonyi’s cottage garden.At this event numerous public figures will be present in placing the capsule  with tangible messages to be read in the future. Capsule concrete cover sleeve seal and a plaque will be resting out there for another 50years, until the writer’s birth 2000th anniversary, will come forward and the posterity will reveal its contents.

After the ceremony at the Dobó Square the rally will start at 9 a.m. with the march to the castle of Eger Vitézlő Oskola leadership. Will take place at 10.30 a.m. at the National Memorial Day Gárdonyi opening ceremony at the Cannon Hill, whereas a toast will take place by L. Laszlo Simon of the National Commission for Culture and the Media Chairman, Member of Parliament and Mayor László Habis Reservation MJV, MP, Archbishop of Eger and Dr. Csaba Ternyák.

Hall of Heroes at noon wreath and plaque initiation of Eger Pantheon in honor to Géza Gárdonyi.

The Esterházy Károly College, Visual Arts Department will place canvas paintings on the Dobó Square, whereas the pupils may show their artistic talent in painting to the city’s related dark past in history  of Eger or to allow their imagination fly away into the future.

At 6 p.m. the evening’s program will be closed with a Memorial Concert in honor of the writer and  in memory of the heroes of Eger  at the High School Chapel. performing: Mr. Loránt Vas organist, Ms. Anikó Kóródy opera singer, led by Archbishop of Eger and the Boys Choir under the baton of Peter Silvia Schmiedmeiszter Cantus Agriensis Gregory Paul.

From 10 a.m. – 4 p.m. free of charge be visited the ruins of the castle and its museum, history of the Crescent Gallery and also a chance to visit the prison actually formed into an exhibition site. To visit the dungeon cost 600HUF per person.

Just visible on this day … the tomb of King Imre Török.

Also Rolling in Eger shouldn’t be left out to visit the famous hero of Eger, the István Dobó Castle Museum.

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