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PART1 OF THE DAY … By a special invitation the media representatives took a four hours drive back-and-forth (worthwhile) to the Békési plum plantation, whereas the „Treasure of the Körös” is located, to participate on the harvesting day at the land where the fruits mainly are turned into Pálinka.  Also beside the plum trees there are fine other specialties such as chestnut, cranberry, blueberry, strawberry, but their season has passed for now.

We arrived to the Békésiville’s Distillery, whereas the pálinka (hot-shot) begins. The land where the fruits are turned into Pálinka, chochos filled with pálinka, the famous Békési plum jams,  plum nectar, honey flavored plum pálinka, syrups are manufactured. The Békési Distillery was founded four centuries ago and has been ever since a family manufactory.  We had a  wonderful experience to be welcomed with such amazing hospitality, to see, to taste the locals home-made delights all-in-all with the use of the red plums from the land.

Mr. Zoltán Békési, the owner of the “Békési” brand, welcomed and greeted the media representative and gave a short introduction of the plantation itself and the products of the plum pálinka. Quote: “Our family members are all busy, involved in the manufacture activities. Three generations are working together to prepaid the finest pálinka to be bottled. Not hard to believe, the Békési plum pálinka is recognized by all Member States of the European Union. The typical red plum grows in the Körös Valley which has specific soil and the climate here is special and incomparable to any plum plantations throughout Hungary … (Note: At other regions also are grown juicy plums, they have other unique taste). In 2006. won the award as the „Quality Food from Hungary” In 2008, the red plum pálinka received the gold medal at the “Home-distilled Pálinka Festival”. Each bottle of pálinka has a limited edition with its bottled unique number of that specific year. We also produce100% pálinka with the mixture of flower honey. Pretty popular by the classy ladies, easy and smooth, not a hot-shot.

Was easy to learn their policy which is based on their traditions and knowledge to make the best pálinka from the ripe fruits with using the latest technology. Important to gain the best flavor of the plum pálinka is to „lay them in bed” … „aged in bed”. In the bed of cooked fruits it is aged for at least three months and the fruit is reborn which means gets a smoother flavor and also reach the final crystal color.

Mr. Békési’s presentation went all long as we all walked down lane and jointly got to work before the height of the midday sun melted us picking the red plums into the host’s home-made wicker basket. Had to work hard in advance for our lunch, (nothing is free… kidding) so we were taken out to the fields to pick a basket full of red plums and pour them into the huge container to be heading, undergo the procedure for the end product, the Békési Plum Pálinka.

We were also told, after filling the container all  of us may pick for themselves a basket full of red plums and take them home for whatever in use. After the hard work, came the relaxing hard part of the day Mr. Zoltán Békési, members of his family and co-workers hosted the media representatives in all it takes with a plums, a mouth-watering lunch.


Red Plum Tree Adoption at the Békési Plum Plantation.

Certification of rollinginbudapest adopted red plum tree :-)

Mr. Békési,  made a special announcement … Quote: ”Starting from to-day anyone can pick and adopt a red plum-tree up to ones taste, whether it is an older or younger plum-tree. From the harvested, adoptive tree itself, pálinka or to be cook  into the form of jam is possible. The possibilities are endless.”  The 1st. adoption was made by Dr. Lajos Bognár, Deputy State Secretary of the Ministry of Rural Development. He adopted the red plum-tree number one with its serial number. The Pálinka House plantation sits on 27 acres. Vibrating machines and harvesting is done by hand, which is then after transported to the Békési distillery to produce pálinka  and other products.

This year not just only because of the extraordinary weather huge, heavy, hanging plum amount of fruit grew in the area also wished to share nature’s gift by the announcement of  the Békési Manufacture and Distillery by their „invented”  adoption program. Mr. Zoltán Békési, the distillery owner has created a unique opportunity: as from to-day anyone can adopt a red plum-tree, which will be taken care by the members of the plantation for the adoptive individual.

Mr. Zoltán Békési, also informed us … Quote: “The possibility of adoption is open for anyone. Anyone who chose a certain plum-tree (see the snap of the board) in a row and the numbered tree will be her’s or his’s adopted red plum-tree and as it reach the harvest time, can be picked by her or him, or the workers at the plantation and the fruit itself will be their own. May have it cooked at the Békési Distillery or to take it away, cooked at home. As the fruit ripens a newsletter will be constantly posted to inform the owners of tree’s growth”.

On this day, the  first red plum-tree was to be adopted by the guest of honor Dr. Lajos Bognár, Deputy State Secretary of the Ministry of Rural Development. He adopted  the tree in the first row number one having the same serial number. Having this year his tree harvested, the Békési Pálinka Distillery will brew for him now his own the Békési red plum pálinka.

 The Békési Plum Plantation can be reached at Sarkadkeresztúr, KISNYÉK in the Békés County.

Added videos at the plumville’s harvesting day:



Update, snaps and video: Aggie Reiter

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