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Mr. Zoltán Papp from the Academy Publishing Ltd. held this morning at the Uránia Film Theater in Budapest a book review connected with a slice of presentation, but it was not just all about any book, it was Shakespeare’s “The World As Stage” originally written by Mr. Bill Bryson and now-a-days just came out from the hot print, translated into Hungarian language. On the occasion of this exclusive book premiere, as a host were invited, actor and poet Mr. Péter Kálloy Molnár, who is not far of being „alittle” Shakespeare by on his own, since over the decades several occasions stepped into Shakespeare’s shoes in theater plays.  Dr. Ádám Nádasdy literary translators, linguists, Ms. Ágnes Szabó lyrics writer. (The Hungarian version was  translated by  Ms. Zsuzsanna Erdeős.)

Mr. Bill Bryson, carries us away, as a narrator in the world long gone 400 years  ago with his minutiae writing arriving to a playful background of a few exciting discoveries about Shakespeare, his times and by describing his physical surroundings. The World As Stage” was originally published  in 2007. In just a wink became the popular book throughout the U.K. No need to pull your eyebrows high, knowing Bryson, who seems incapable of writing non-interesting books. To-day, the Hungarian readers can take off the shelves at the Bookstore the fresh print  out by the Akadémia Publishing House translated into Hungarian language of Shakespeare’s “The World As Stage” and to read, explore an excellent piece of what little do we know of the ever famous playwright’s Shakespeare’s background, what life was like generally in his age and time, how the theater and actors, writers worked side-by-side, how he entertained  the public of London living 400 years ago. This is a relatively thin book and quickly read. Don’t expect heavy analysis within the 200 pages, yet there is so much cheerful and interesting facts to follow. There is much discussion as to whether or not William Shakespeare actually wrote the plays and verse that bear his name. The majority of theories otherwise seem to be based on the idea that a man with Shakespeare’s limited experience of the world beyond his Homeland, simply lacked the knowledge to have had written so well about those places history and prominent citizens. Many wasn’t fond of him taken as snobbish individual, writting about other countries traditions, using foreign language words borrowed from other countries he actually never had visited. Cannot be denied … Shakespeare surely was a person who written one-after-another best-selling books about his adventures. He was not a celeb, nor a star that’s for sure, grannies didn’t stop to tell their grandchid „look there goes Shakespeare” like it is considered so common in our to-day’s daily life.

As it was pointed out at the press gathering, whether or not you like it or not it is so true … the word celeb or star of to-day is in a way a  public wish to be served by the media. These so-called celebs and stars  popping up in different  shows needn’t have to be highly educated to reach being ont he front page … just an example was told at the press gathering… when an actor/actress have a call from any media they are not asked about their future plans, what are they working on … insteed … the main Q is, did their doggy meet another dog while walking the dog, cause mainly the public is not hungry on culture and more interesting culture related subjects. The public are more interested of the celebs and stars whereabouts, what,, where they were  rather than filling the gap of being interested in culture background area … I am sure I am not on my own saying this … therefore it is great to have a book out for many of those still interested in the era and the great writer William Shakespeare’s long forgotten past history.

Whether or not Mr. Bryson actually gives the A to the Q  which is all about … who was the real Shakespeare? … As Mr. Bryson says, Quote: „I will leave up to you, gentle readers. May you enjoy the pursuit as well as the knowledge.”

Shakespeare moves into your home and tells his secrets. Mr. Bill Bryson’s book certainly pays homage to William Shakespeare that’s for sure!

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