Hello Cherry Lovers! Szomolya is awaiting for you, family members, friends of all age!

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When you will be ROLLINGinSZOMOLYA along the Cherry Street you can not only taste the resident’s of the village home-made pies, cakes, cherry products, cherry strudel, jams products, wines and visiting the local vineyards and wine cellars, but also purchase, take home a bunch of those products judged by you as the dipping cherry on top of the cake!

Szomolya is the place to visit at this time of the year when the typical early, calf-length black cherry heads are covering the CHERRYVILLE! During the festival of the mouth-watering cherries, other culinary delights, entertainment, crafts will be at your fingertips when arriving to Szomolya.

In the year 2012, the cherry has been included in the product line (HÍR) as a member of the local traditions, flavors, region.

By-the-way … representatives with their delightful cherry pies were present during this year’s Aspic Festival at Miskolc in February (see previous  update and snaps  at: )

As for the forthcoming 3 days festive, here are some dates and timing of events

Friday, June, 7.  

From (7 p.m. to 11 p.m.) music under your feet by the Music Party B band, so everyone can dance until their legs may cope with it. At  (9 p.m.) mysterious light shinning brilliantly in the beehive stones.

Saturday, June, 8.

Bing-dong at  7 a.m. comes the wake-up call. The RECE Preservation Society with the Crier to be announcing the forthcoming events ont he next two days. Get ready to a unforgaettable week-end!  So many attractions and of course eating as much cherries as you can to fulfill your bellies. At (11 a.m.) beings the Kőhodály Ceremony. Oil painting artist’s  Ms. Emese Fehér exhibition opens at (11.50 a.m.) along with Mr. István Fejér’s  „I headed to my beautiful country” mosaics introducing Csíksomlyó. A little get-together dancing time by the „Nessma” belly dance group at noon.  The Bogácsi Majorettes group (12.30 p.m.) attraction show. The ceremonial opening of the XII. Cherry Festival begins at (1 p.m.) with the welcoming festive speech by Mr. András Tallai, Secretary of State, and  Mayor Mr. István Guczi. Performance by the RECE Traditionalists Association at (1.30 p.m.) Theater performance will not be missing at this festival, so the Musical Theater from Miskolc will present a show from (2 p.m.) and the also the Miskolc Dance Elite Dance School will be on stage at (2.40 p.m.)  Performance  by the Town’s Triad … Mr. Béla Jankai, Mr. György Kálmán, Mr. Péter Sipos on stage at (3.10 p.m.) Late afternoon at (5 p.m.) one of Hungary’s pop singer Ms. Csilla Auth and at (6 p.m.) Mr. Fecó Balázs from the Coral group will be giving a concert. Jazz lovers won’t miss a thing by rolling along in the jazzy mood at the evening’s concert by Mr. Ádám Török with the Mini Band at (8.40 p.m.) Mr.Jivi Jhan show will starts at (7.40 p.m.) Juggler will fill the platform at (9 p.m.) From (8 p.m.) the dance floor with the Jump Rock Band will give everyone to take it away … by dancing the night away.

Sunday, June, 9.

The town holds Sunday’s Holy Mass at the Roman Catholic Church at (11 a.m.)

Noontime the air will be filled with evergreen melodies and songs make the lunchtime more enjoyable by the performance of Mr. Imre Cseh. The „Snowdrop” women’s choir will perform at (1 p.m.). Many will be awaiting for the announcement of the results of the Wine Competition which will be held at (1.30 p.m.) , then after at (2 p.m.) the „Melody TV” will hold a marathon song concert lasting for 4 hours, so everybody can join tapping their feet and little getting around with Mr. Péter Polgár, Ms. Szilvia Dankó, the „Brother in-laws”,  Suzy and Jolly musicshow. At (6 p.m.) Csézy and Mr. Csaba Abaházi along with his friends will be out entertaining the public.

Don’t have to say DAMN IT!!!  …  Missed the legendary cherry pie of Szomolya … so mark the dates and take a tour to the land that holds so much pleasure and also visit  the cellars which are also worthy of recognized quality of wines from the region.

A little background history to the town of Szomolya in English Language:…

Update and snaps by Aggie Reiter

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