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The Hungarian World Congress is about identity and showing value systems.

Slogan …  „Boundless collaboration”.

Location: at the Global VillageSYMA Event  and  Convention Center, Budapest

May, 19-26. 2013.

Hungarian World Congress jointly with the 10-years-old Club World Panorama  held its press conference in the morning hours on Thursday, May 9. at the Urania National Film Theater in Budapest. Representatives from 5 continents were there. This year The Hungarian World Congress will be arranged for the third time with representing more than 50 countries along with 93 partner clubs and also the co-directors and the organization’s co-operation partners will be present.

The aim of this Congress is to get together, to build a mental-cultural bridge between the world of scattered Hungarians within the possibility of networking and collaboration and most of all to keep the candle light on the Hungarian values.The Hungarians from the four corners of the earth will arrive to Budapest and visiting approximately 30 provincial cities and villages. Beside gatherings at the Capital on the week-end of May, 24-26 at the Syma Event and Convention Center other scenes will highlight the programs throughout the 8 days at the World Villages between May,19 – 26. 2013. During the 8 days series of events, public figures, arts and civic awards will be also handed over. There will be series of events with rich choice of programs for children and adults of all age, i.e. meeting the region’s neighborhood arts of many fields, crafts, participating at music and traditional dance entertainment events, gastronomy and introducing culture as to hand down to the next generation. Most of all having intimate conversations, getting to know, exchange, share experiences how the Hungarians around-the-world keep their traditions.

Here’s a brief introduction to the forthcoming 8 days programs:

Day1 … Sunday, May, 19. “Traveling on the Csíksomlyói Express” Train to the Pentecostal pilgrimage tour between May, 17-20 organized by the Carpathian Europe travel agency. Will take place of the formation of the Moldavia and Gyimes Csang Associated Clubs.

Day2 … Monday, May, 20. “Four borders meeting” 11 a-.m.  Aranyosapáti, Village House. Conference and the commemoration in honor “Of joining at the gate.” II. Hungarian World Congress. 4 p.m.”Art International convention and exhibition” at the Feketesas Art Salon Feketesas Street. Szeged. “International Culture Evening” The Theater performances will be only in Hungarian language at the Attila József Theater, Budapest, 7 p.m. on show Sándor Hunyadi: ” Black Cherry”.

Day3 … Tuesday, May, 21. “Returned home – an Expatriate Hungarian Film Week” Screened at the Urania National Film Theater, Budapest, between 10 a.m. till 5 p.m. Short films, documentaries and feature film. “Opening Ceremony” 6 p.m. at the Urania National Film Theater, Budapest. Celebration in the world of Hungarian Public Life and Art of honorary awards in recognition of Hungarians, handed over at the National Cultural Gala.

Day4 … Wednesday, May, 22. “International Scientific Conference” 9 a.m. at the Óbuda University, 7-13 Tavaszmező Street, Budapest. “IV. Bathory” Brassai Economic, Technical and Scientific Conference with prominent artists, scientists, professionals (Plenary Session).For more information: “Country tours” Numerous programs during the 2-days program:sightseeing, excursion, leisure and entertainment activities will fulfill the days. Detailed information will be available at the Bureau of the World Summit and at the program organizers.

Day5 … Thursday, May, 23.”International Scientific Conference” 9 a.m. at the Óbuda University, address:7-13. Tavaszmező Street Budapest. “IV. Bathory” Brassai Economic, Technical and Scientific Conference with prominent artists, scientists, professionals (Plenary Session). For more information visit: “House building with unlimited collaboration at District, XIV. Budapest. Quote: “A disabled couple’s apartment in Budapest with the renovation of Kala, we plan to help the citizens in many countries, organized by international foundations.” “Forum on Social Dialogue” 4 p.m. at Hotel Thomas, District, IX., 44 Lily Street Budapest. With some of the current issues of public life – the Central European settlement at the Pannonia Club.

Day6 … Friday, May, 24. “World Village  Day1” Begins at 10 a.m. till 7 p.m. at SYMA Event and Convention Center. “Transylvania Evening” at 7 p.m. Joining with the Székely individuals at the Székely Bujdosó Restaurants, District, XIX., 37. Szabó Ervin Street, Budapest.

Day7 …  Saturday, May, 25. “World Village Day2” 10 a.m. till 7 p.m. at the SYMA Event and Convention Center. “Hungarian Multi Championship” 10 a.m. till 4 p.m., at 10-16 Stefania Palace, Budapest. An open tournament where anybody can win who enters in the Hungarian championship. “Collegium Discussions” Hungarian Folk High School at 10 a.m. in the Hungarian’s Hall, Budapest. Decorative ceremony and conference „Around the World” Hungarian Folk High School Collegium International Assembly of the participants. “Hungarian Reformed Churches the deliberative of the Synod, at noontime at the Hungarian’s Hall, Budapest. “World Leaders Club Meeting” at 8 p.m. SYMA Event  and Convention Center, Budapest. The World Club network from Brazil via the Carpathian Basin to India covers nearly 80 co-clubs. This dinner meeting will give a chance meeting with the leaders of the clubs, having opportunities for collaboration, ending with the Collaboration Award ceremony.

Day8 … Sunday, May, 26. World Village Day3. Starting at 10 a.m. till 7 p.m. at the SYMA Event and Convention Center, Budapest. “Closing Worship Service” 10 a.m. Szilágyi Dezső Square, Budapest Presbyterian Church.

Some more eye-opening adventures by paying a visit to the Country pavilions, Values of Hungary: Arts and Crafts, Inventions room, Healing area, Art exhibitions, pick up an Address Book World, a handbook for contacts, Hungarian dishes, delicious food tastings on the spot. The Hungarian Connection, Conference Room. Knight-Shows, Court-yard battle games and Baby lordship.

Booking for tickets is needed to the events and corporate functions (Film, Opening Ceremony, Social Dialogue Forum Scientist Conference, International Cultural Meeting, Hungaricums, the Hungarian-Australian Friendship Day, Transylvania Est, etc) because they are due to the limited number of seats.

There is also a call for Hungarian Beauty Summit completion. At the press conference, last year’s  Hungary’s Beauty Queen, Ms.  Henrietta Clement also came along and this year she will be sitting in the jury’s seat. Already said, quote: „It was a great honor for asking me to fulfill this position and it will not be an easy job to find this year”’sa beauty queen, because there are so many bright and beautiful ladies, but I will work and do my best”.

 Further information see:

At the moment it says the English version … “coming soon”

Until then, this herald news will give a glance on the updates.

Update and snaps by Aggie Reiter

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