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A new beer specialty without the bitter after taste!

Today, May, 8. 2013. was the day when the Borsodi Brewery introduced its new innovation to the public, the Borsodi Super Dry Beer. The specialty of this unique product is, that each and every sip provides a perfect beer experience with an additional bonus that it lacks the long-lasting bitter after taste. The special beer experience is due to the special hops and the new brewing and fermentation technology. The new product brings along the expected unique taste character of “Borsodi” and can become easily the favourite to all the beer fans who are inclined to give up the after taste and focus on the freshness of the taste.

The Borsodi Brewery plays a decisive role in innovations on the beer market for years. It has initiated an important change years ago on the traditional beer market launching the Borsodi Friss (Borsodi Fresh), the first flavoured beers amongst the so-called subcategory, mainstream beer products. The product is now available in several tastes now, has gained a significant market share since then. The Borsodi Super Dry is also a very exciting innovation that has introduced a whole new category on the beer market. Its specialty is that it preserves the aroma what makes a good beer good and at the same time puts an end to the usual bitter after taste that disappears in seconds. Therefore, every sip grants the same experience as the first one. This beer type, providing this unique taste has already been introduced on the Canadian and Japanese market years ago, and finally it has arrived to Hungary thanks to Borsodi. The Super Dry dressed in an elegant design shows a whole new direction on the territory of the beer market innovations.

Mr. Petr Kovarik, managing director of the Borsodi Brewery welcomed the media representatives by saying:

Quote: “I am proud to announce, on behalf of all the members of the Borsodi Brewery, that we created something new with this product that is absolutely unique in the country. Without any further comments, I would like to celebrate this moment with you. Cheers!”

Absolutely a man to believe, because his from the homeland of the well-known beers around the world, the Czech Republic. Furthermore, he himself being in the brewery business for so many years, knows what it takes to stand for a unique beer and is not pouring water into your mug.

Just a short history rundown on the alley of  the Borsodi Brewery Ltd. …

The brewery began producing beer in 1973 at the town Bőcs/Hungary. Innovation in the name of the brewery dictated trend in having the first alcohol free and produced the first cans of beer in the domestic market. Over the years the popularity of the brand for domestic beloved beerlovers remained loyal to the brand and is one of the top-of-the-tops on the market.

In Hungary, the Borsodi Brewery also produces Beck’s and Stella Artois under license. In addition, Borsodi Brewery sells and distributes Belle-vue KriekHoegaardenLeffe, and Staropramen.

The Molson Coors is the member of the brewery group. Molson Coors is one of the world’s largest beer producer and reached with their special brand  to ease the taste the thirst for the beerlovers. In the frame of  the leading premium brands there are  such as the Coors Light, Molson Canadian Coors, Carling, Straropremen, Blue Moon, Cobra. In Canada, the Molson Coors Canada, in America , in the U.K. and Ireland the Molson Coors U.K.  In Central Europe the Molson Coors Central Europe. Those countries where it ain’t covering the market,  goes under the  name Molson Coors International.  Molson Coors continually working on to reduce by  developing the Oke-footprints.

Update and snaps by Aggie Reiter

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