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Extreme challenges for extreme folks with HOOTER gals by your side!

The  competition is designed to test your flexibility, strength, stamina, quick decision-making in a challenging and unexpected situations. Will be required in addition to common sense, every ounce of strength, ingenuity, and animal instinct that can deliver this to the extreme obstacle course!

Right here … right now … get into the grove … I mean into the muddy waters, onwards-upwards in the fields … at the forest park at Póstelek on the coming FIGHTERS’RUN, Saturday, April, 27.2013.

The Fighters’Run are really for those folks who are looking for fun, challenge and to weight themselves in adventures.

The Fighters’Run chief organizer Mr. Attila Vozár, European champion long-distance runner, three-time winner of the Vienna-Budapest Marathon opened and welcomed the invited media representatives on Wednesday, April, 3. 2013. announcing there is only 3 weeks or for those who are counting the time in hours, it’s pasted … hours and we are ready… steading … go … for a new kind of adventure sport. Along with him were the members of the board and superb sportsmen.

The Fighters’Run is a new adventure sport which The Royal Vodka support of the first in Hungary appeared in Central Europe in 2012.” – said Mr. Attila Vozár. As it is often said without the support … it wouldn’t have had made it … this year as to last year’s. Fighters’Run, without the Royal Vodka who will be again the grand supporter. Also  a major part of the supporters is one of  Hungary’s well-known and delicious sausages from the City of Békescsaba – Sausage Factory. Newcomers are awaited, and the folks participating on the adventure run can again gear up themselves, have a chance to prove not just for themselves but to all in the competition what a tough guy or gal they are!  The competition will shoot off on Saturday, April, 27. The Royal Vodka Fighters’Run is open for men and women, in singles or in teams of 4-6 persons will be cut  to 7 or 14 kilometers off the 14 gauge and rings, 28 obstacles ahead to overcome, 2 meters high wall to climb having to deal with the ice filled – ice stack, shocking socks and muddy water paths and some other surprises along the way. and some new spots to keep the participants awake … have to deal with the ice filled ice stack, shocking socks and muddy water paths and some other surprises along the way. Not only physical, but psychological preparation is a must to have that’s for sure! So far 750 individuals have reflected, appointed themselves to the games and within that number 200 female competitors are included. Professional and amateur candidates are awaited. Up till this day entry’s came from Hungary, Romania, Slovakia, Serbia, France, United States, Austria, Germany. Also an individual from Kenya called for inquiries with the interest in the competition. A 40 years old military guy from the city of Sopron will be „only” joining the race as to give a helping hand by lifting, pushing, helping the „Hooter” gals climb over to the other side of the wall. The organizers also told, those amateur folks having their gym weekly 3-4 times will be able to catch up with the rest in the race.

Deadline date: Tuesday, April, 23. 2013.

(applications through:

Quotes: ‘We actually wish to target the number of participants to rise above a  thousand to hit the entry number. As I would be happy, especially because 5 percent of the proceeds from the entry will go to the City of Békéscsaba’s Children’s Class Foundation.

Mr. Dénes Száraz, actor and as a cross-country athlete, Ironman competitor and as a cross-country athlete, Ironman competitor and field triathlete. in the year 2012 he was voted and award as the „year’s most charming man”  Quote: “I look forward to this new kind of challenge. A weekend in the snow ran a marathon in the area of Vértes, as well field as a triathlete by now know nature’s obstacles. Here, however, this time the human hand builds the tricky track to be met. Fortunately, climbing over will not be a problem because the rock climbing  stands close to me.”

Mr. Imre Pulai, Olympic champion canoeist, tobogganing. Quote:There are many types of insanity I have attended, but this performance test surpasses everything. I will have to fight my way through the 20-tons of container filled with ice. What a ball it will be. It may by the end my size will drop two size. I am doing my workouts, I sincerely look forward to these challenges.”

Mr.  Peter Kropkó, champion – 51-times completed the Ironman Triathlon. Quote: „Made up my mind already to participate at The Royal Vodka Fighter’sRun this year as well. ‘You do not have to be a super hero and can you win in succession, beat down the obstacles. as evidenced by the In fact, everyone at the last year’s race reached the finish line and the ER stuff just bored to death? Last year my wife wasn’t too fond of me getting into the race but this year she made her nomination. We taking out  whole family. Going to reach my 50th birthday. Why would I  celebrate it in a different way? „

Mr. Krisztian Palkovics, in the hockey player team. Quote: „I’ve always been adventurous, I like the Extreme, but to be honest running is not my favorite activity. Never-the-less, here I think it will not be the point, but only to overcome. Cannot find another unique atmosphere where the so many tricky obstacles are awaiting for you. The night before the race, being around  the evening’s campfire, thereafter joining the party also to have a chance to look around in the neighborhood will be real smashing event for the Fighters’Run families.”

Mr. Miklós Ungvári, an Olympic silver medalist, European champion in judo and Ms. Brigitta Poór, terrain U23 Triathlon World and European champion, several occasions Hungarian champion and winner of numerous international competitions. In 2012, finalist in the „Year of Extreme Athlete” poll  and the title winner in 2013.”

The children and the other half of the runner’s will not be left without any entertainment for their own. The youngest will be able to take the running route of two-kilometer in distance at the stripped down barriers. Their participating forms will be out later on. While the other halves of the couples’ may take a chance to carry their pair’s and see how their skills works and as a reward, the one who wins the game will receive a barrelof beer containing forty-two-liter beer.

Competition is under the patronage of dr. Leyler Richard, vice president of the Hungarian Olympic Committee (MOB).

Last but not least … before coming to the end of the herald news … here is to read the 10 points to keep in mind, but I’d rather call them the 10 commandments and if your into these then your place is at  the Fighters’Run at Póstelek on Saturday, April, 27. 2013. off you go!

The 10 commandments for Fighters’Run

1 “FIGHTER” … has to be a real fighter.

2 “Fighter” … up to the end  push their own physical and mental limitations.

3 “Fighter” … master of your emotions.

4 “Fighter” … learn everything.

5 “Fighter” … be generous.

6 ‘Fighter’ … lead.

7 “Fighter”…  stand up when everyone has abandoned it.

8 “Fighter” … knows his strengths and weaknesses.

9 “Fighter” considering  not as a word, but deeds to prove.

10th ‘Fighter’ … is the last who survives every day.

To see any further information just roll over to and .

Update and snaps by Aggie Reiter

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  1. Posted by Chris on 06/04/2013 at 05:23

    This appears to be a great test of strength and stamina for all involved so it seems a bit unfair on the 40yo guy from Sopron to expect him to have to help the ” Hooter Girls ” over the wall on his own, if he needs any assistance just let me know


  2. Hello Chris … How sweet of you … mind you … you have to recharge your own batteries as well, if you want to make it ,-)
    Tks. for views … so right .. I may I have a request on my own … pls. let go of the Downunder’s summer breeze so it can move over to Budapest … we are awaiting for the jolly-good weather to arrive “-”
    Wishing you a fine week-end from Budapest … Cheers!


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