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Just a note to the foreigners planning to go to the movie to keep in mind! In principle, all non-English language films will be with English subtitles, but better to have a check at the website in advance: titanicfilmfest.hu


The jubilee Titanic International Film Festival will have just like at the previous festivals a bunch of music-themed films: Music For All … 6 documentaries, 2 feature films and 1 short will be screened. 

The audience can see an intimate musician portrait of Adam Green, a Grammy award-winning road movie with Mumford & Sons, an incredible late-in-life rise of a 62 years old soul singer, a guitar prodigy and his fight with the degenerative Lou Gehrig’s disease. A documentary about the Pulp, the history of UK record shops. A rock ’n’ roll swindle. Last but not least debut to a thriller … Plan B’s.

„How to Act Bad” is Dima Dubson’s documentary debut about New York songwriter, filmmaker, rock star Adam Green. During the making of this intimate portrait Dubson closely followed his friend for two years, whose family history is also exciting as his great-grandmother was Kafka’s fiancée.

Sara Sugarman’s fourth feature „Vinyl” is a comedy about an ageing rock star who goes to the funeral of a member of his former band where he meets the rest of the band and they end up jamming again. As the music industry is too youth-obsessed they make the great rock ’n’ roll swindle: they say that the song has been made by a Welsh teenage band.

This year’s Grammy Award-winningBig Easy Express” is a road movie documentary which follows three indie folk bands – Edward Sharpe and the Magnetic Zeros, Old Crow Medicine Show and Britain’s Mumford & Sons – as they team for a 2011 tour, traveling aboard an antique train the result of which both Woody Guthrie and John Steinbeck would be proud of. Filmmaker Emmett Malloy became famous for making of several music videos for the likes of Metallica, Oasis, The Black Eyed Peas etc. Poull Brien’s documentary Charles Bradley: „Soul of America” charts the incredible late-in-life rise of 62 year-old soul singer Charles Bradley, whose debut album rocketed to Rolling Stone magazine’s top 50 albums of 2011. Abandoned by his mother as a child, Bradley faced homelessness, illiteracy, the murder of his beloved brother and a nearly fatal illness.

The debut feature „Ill Mannors” of Ben Drew, a platinum-selling rapper and soul singer who records under the alias Plan B, is an exciting thriller. This multi-character drama which plays in London with a crack-addicted prostitute, a dealer and an ex-dealer, a runaway single mother and a would-be teen model, is partly inspired by real events. The film is a social critique of urban crime and its social causes.

The documentary Jason Becker: „Not Dead Yetdirected by Jesse Vile is the extraordinary story of guitar prodigy Jason Becker and his fight with the degenerative Lou Gehrig’s disease. The film charts the life of Jason Becker from his early years learning guitar till now, twenty years later, still making music with his casts. It is really a story about the strength of the human spirit. Eve Wood’s „The Beat Is the Law”: Fanfare for the Common People is a history of the amazing Sheffield music scene, from early 80’s post-punk through the house boom and into Britpop. The film culminates with Pulp’s triumph at the 1995 Glastonbury Festival, where as last-minute replacement headliners, the band delivered the era-defining song Common People. Last Shop Standin”  directed by Pip Piper and inspired by the book of the same title by Graham Jones uncovers why nearly 2000 record shops have already disappeared across the UK since the rapid rise of record shops in the 1960’s. It will be screened with a short film titled Minor/Major: The TV on the Radio Tour Documentary”, a portrait of the band TV on the Radio as they become a major label success from indie darlings to.

Film delicacies of musical topics can also be found in the selection of contemporary Irish films, titled Emerald Island. The biographical „Good Vibrations” tells the story of the legendary, radical Belfast punk-rock rebel, Terri Holey whilst the Finnish feature „Miss Blue Jeans” in the Nordic Lights section is a fine rock film, coming of age story and period movie about the 1970’s punk and new wave era.

As mention in my previous update see: https://rollinginbudapest.com/2013/03/27/herald-news-titanic-film-festival-budapest-2013/ the tickets for the Titanic International Film Festival are available at the mention cinema places between March, 28. – April, 4. for a discount price of 900HUF. While  upon the festival will cost:1100HUF.

Update by Aggie Reiter

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