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The Ari Kupsus Gallery  – Art  & Antique cordially sends out an invitation to the next  Exhibition Opening

of works by 

Mr. János Kósa

Director of the Painting Faculty of the University of Fine Arts Budapest

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and also handing out the new exhibition space for the students of MKE.

This first exhibition will show the works by

Attila Dóczi and Bence Kala


 Ari Kupsus Gallery District VIII.  23/b. Bródy Sándor Street –  Budapest

on  Wednesday, March, 27. 2013.

at 6.30 p.m.

The exhibition will be on view until  Friday, April, 19. 2013.

This exhibition opening will make the cooperation between Ari Kupsus Gallery and Hungarian Academy of Fine Arts even stronger. The Ari S Kupsus Salon Concert Society has been supporting the students of MKE for four years by handing out the scholarships for talented art students. Next to this Ari Kupsus Gallery will offer its new exhibition space, address mention above for the students of MKE to provide the opportunity for them to present their works and organize exhibitions. The Academy of Fine Arts plans to develop an application system for students to apply for the exhibitions. There will be an opprtunity for monthly shows.

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